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Strategy is a big part of missions work.  It is something I think about often as it pertains to unreached people groups.

Each one of my short notes has a lot of depth and needed work behind it.  Each context or people group is different and requires the missionary to think through what these things have meant or will mean in her own context.

Part of my own work is thinking through these things for my own generation and the fields that God has given to me.  My work at the US Center for World Mission will help me expand on these and much more in very practical ways that benefits the work oversees.

Number One: The Power of God (Core)

Dreams, visions, prayer, intercession, healing, deliverance, miracles, gifts…operating on street level, rather than the stage.

Gospel of the Kingdom Manifested,

Gospel of Grace Empowered.

Number Two: Church Multiplication (Structure)

Empowering & equipping every disciple to do what disciples do-make other disciples,

POUCH Churches- Participatory, Obedience Centered, Unpaid Leaders, Cells, Houses, Businesses and Everywhere!,

Rapid-What other choice do we have when less than one percent of a whole population believe?

Catalysts and higher level trainers supported

Number Three: Context Sensitive Outreach (Beauty)

Building Bridges Not Walls,

Culture: Receive, Reject, or Redeem,

Fostering New Creativity and Breakthrough,

Contextualization Leading to Indigenization


These are the big three in my mind.  What would you add?  What do you have questions about?

Weigh in below.

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