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✭ Beautiful nation with beautiful people; known as the “Land of Smiles”

✭ Constitutional monarchy with freedom of religion for all

✭ Strategic ally of the United States and western nations

✭ Population of 65 million with a small but growing percentage of Christians

✭ Majority religion is Buddhism with large amount of spirit & ancestor worship

✭ Known globally for sex tourism in major urban centers and human trafficking

✭ Facing widespread political turmoil and factions from within

✭ Strategically surrounded by the following nations:

-Myanmar (suppression of Christians)

-Laos (active persecution of Christians)

-Cambodia (home of the “killing fields” that wiped out a whole generation)

-Malaysia (Islamic militancy coming up through the Southern Thai border)

✭ Needs its own new generation of evangelists & church planters

✭ Needs activation and spiritual equipping of every Thai believer

✭ Has the potential of being a “sending” nation

✭ Has received recent prophetic words about being a “nation of fire”

✭ Needs a great awakening and revival starting with the Thai churches

We believe that the local Thai Christians are the hope of this great nation.  We also believe that prayer can turn every challenge into an opportunity for God to move in the life of the Thai people.


✭ Contains over 65% of the world’s population

✭ World’s largest continent, country, & population

✭ World’s fastest growing population

✭ World’s fastest growing economies

✭ Population of Christians is between <1% and 3% except South Korea

The “10/40 Window”:

✭ 10 degrees north to 40 degrees north of the equator, stretching from North Africa to Japan

✭ 97% of the world’s remaining unreached people groups (majority less than 1% Christian)

✭ Home to only 5% of the world’s missionary force

✭ Majority of the world’s poorest of the poor, living on less than $1/day

✭ Receives only 0.01% of annual missions giving from the global Church

Will you join us in ongoing and fervent prayer for the nation of Thailand and the peoples of Asia?

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