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Children Refuse To Deny Jesus in Iraq

Below is the testimony of Cannon Andrew White on what continues to take place in Iraq with the displaced Christian communities.  Remember these communities in prayer. "I saw under the altar the souls of all who had been martyred for the word of God and for being...

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Samuel Chadwick on the Fire of God

What is meant by "the fire of God?"  Early Methodist minister Samuel Chadwick (1860-1932) gives a great perspective in his classic book The Way To Pentecost.  Read his words and be stirred. "Our God is a consuming fire." The elect symbol of His presence is the fire...

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Highlights From ISFM 2014

ISFM stands for the International Society for Frontier Missiology.  Founded in 1986, the society feeds into the International Journal of Frontier Missions, which is published both in print and available online for free. Every year in connection with the North American...

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Rick Warren Calls Pastors To Repent of Localism

At the Exponential West Conference held recently at Saddleback Church, Rick Warren called Pastors to repent of what he called "localism" and to join him in adopting the final 3,000 plus unreached unengaged people groups. Warren, author of the Purpose Drive Life (32...

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Missio Nexus and Steve Moore’s Leadership

Steve Moore has been the President of Missio Nexus since its inception in 2011.  During this year's annual North American Mission Leader's conference, Moore announced that this would be his last year leading Missio Nexus. I will give some back story on the formation...

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Beavers, Mallards, Eagles & The Mission of God

Missiologist Ralph D. Winter once said he saw three types of World Christians characterized by three kinds of animals; beavers, mallards, and eagles. In an article in Mission Frontiers, Bruce Graham writes, “If a local fellowship of Christians is to be effective in...

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The 5 Essential M’s of Global Mission

Jesus Christ gave his followers 5 essentials for global mission, what some call, "Great Commission Mandates."   "Great" because they are of highest priority. "Commission" because they are specific instructions. "Mandates"because they are official orders from the King....

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21Project Impacting University Students

The 21Project, held on our Pasadena campus, ran from July 13th- August 2nd, 2014.  Over 200 university leaders representing 50+ universities gathered for three full weeks of morning and evening sessions. 21 Project is a collaborative leadership training school. The...

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People Like Us Support Missionaries

There are still people in the world who regularly support missionaries and their ministries as a part of their regular giving.  What are they like?  Why do they support the work of missions when others don't? Below are a few reasons why people like us support...

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About Me

I serve as Executive Pastor of a thriving multi-site church based in Pensacola, FL. Before becoming an XP I was a missionary to Thailand and...Read more...

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