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A Little About What We Believe…

Jesus the Christ

Jesus’ death as the “Messiah” or “Christ” was foretold by Israel’s prophets and the Law of Moses given to Him by our Creator.  It is the only perfect sacrifice that takes away the sin of the world.  It perfectly satisfies both the mercy and the justice of Almighty God in dealing with a sinful humanity.  It is the only cure for the “cancer” of sin and rebellion that has marred the beautiful Creation of God and His image in mankind.  Jesus brings us from shame to honor and from fear to trust.  He defeated every power of darkness triumphing over them through a foolish thing called the “cross.”

Jesus is the ultimate solution to this world’s injustice, pain, sorrow, and suffering. One day soon, as promised, He will return as King to the Earth He created and make all things new.  Until that time, He has given power and authority to those who believe to go to every nation and make disciplined followers who become change agents in their world now, rather than simply holding on for heaven.

Jesus said, “Whoever is not for me is against me” and “Whoever is ashamed of me before this generation, I will be ashamed of Him before my Father.” So, it begs the question, “Whose side are you on”?

If you want to be with Jesus, you can begin a relationship with Him today.  It starts with speaking to Him in sincerity (prayer) and believing that He is who He said He is and did what He said He would do.  If you are not sure what that means, you can begin to learn about it from the Bible.  Start in the book of John.

If you have new belief in Him, your life should begin to reflect it.  If you have true faith, He will send His Spirit to live inside of you and you will never be the same!  As you seek Him in and through a relationship, He will lead you into the good plan He has for your life and restore the years you have wasted when you have lived without Him.

Other Religions:

We believe that every religion has a right to the marketplace of ideas.  And each should stand or fall on its own merit based on its truth claims and evidences.  Each person should test his faith.  Ultimately, it is the right of every human being to have the freedom to choose whether he or she will believe or not believe one over the other.  It is NOT the right of governments or those religions to determine that choice for them. Neither do we believe they have the right to sanction one above the others as the “official” religion even though many still do.

To us, at the end of the day, we are not teaching religion but the way for humanity to find their way back to the God who created them.  So if you have a good “religion”, you are welcome to keep it!  But if you long for something that ultimately satisfies, namely a relationship with the one who created your human heart and its deepest longings, then we welcome you to come to Jesus Christ.

Statements of Our Faith:

We subscribe to and believe the tenets of the following covenants and outlines of faith:

Apostle’s Creed

Lausanne Covenant


✭5 Solas of the Reformation: Sola Scriptura, Soli Deo Gloria, Solo Christo, Sola Gratia, & Sola Fide.

In addition, we also believe in

✭-The present day active operation of the gifts, ministries, & power of the Holy Spirit

✭-Divine healing provided for in the atonement of Jesus Christ

✭-The Reality of the unseen spiritual world and casting out demons in Jesus name

✭-The authority of every believer to operate in these realities as a normal part of the abundant Christian life promised to us by Jesus Christ in Scripture.

✭-The truth that God still performs miracles today, especially in confirmation of His Word preached.

✭-The present day operation of all five ministry gifts found in Ephesians chapter 4 is still relevant for today.  These functions are for the purpose of equipping, aligning, and releasing the Body of Christ into the good works of service prepared by God beforehand for them.  The duration is specified in the Scripture itself.

✭-The Priesthood of all believers.  Every believer has a gift, a calling, and purpose from God that must be lived out on this Earth.  In order to fulfill it, they have direct access to God and everything that belongs to God is theirs for the use of furthering His Kingdom.  There is no distinction made between “clergy/laity.” Leaders are servants and not lords.

These beliefs are not merely theory to us, but have been confirmed by a careful search of the Scriptures as well as well as our own personal experience.

Summary by John:

I am a former Roman Catholic who was born again by the grace of God alone through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone.  Soon after my conversion, I had a powerful experience with the Holy Spirit which changed my life and drew me closer in relationship to God, His Word, and His purposes for my life. more…

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