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Thailand Missions Strategy

Thailand Missions Ministry & Strategy:


Our strategy is simple and easily reproducible.  It affords the potential of a great impact for the Gospel with very little overhead needed to implement.

Context Aware:

As you read through, please keep in mind that every strategy is only as good as it is contextual to the location and people.  Here in Asia we are working among an “unreached” people where less than 1% even claim to be Christian of any sort.  The majority of the people have little to no real understanding of the message of Christ and the Bible.

There are no large widely impacting TV or radio ministries being broadcast throughout the country, only a couple of book stores in the major cities, and no cultural Christianity as a back drop to work from.

Most of those who are a part of the few local churches, with a few exceptions, have not been empowered and equipped to be a witness for Christ and share His message and power with others.

Our goal is for all new leaders raised up from the initial work to be encouraged to remain or abide in their vocation and be bi-vocational for the Gospel with a few exceptions.

We can not take credit for this strategy alone but rather are very thankful for the many practitioners and thinkers we have learned and gleaned from as we sought God for what He would have us to do here in this context.

Most of all we thank God for His Word and His Spirit which we believe is the ultimate source material for this strategy.

Five Parts:

1.  Ensure every person has the opportunity to hear an understandable Gospel message and has a chance to respond.

  • “Invitation to the Kingdom” Message
  • Principle of Looking For A “Family or Person of Peace”
  • “Kwamrak” Thai Language Web Site
  • Receiving, Training, and Orienting New Workers From The Western World
  • Two by Two Teams Opening New Areas w/ Luke 10 as the model
  • Working in Partnership with the National Thailand 2020 Church Planting Initiatives
  • New Missionary Training Programs Focused on Engaging Unreached Districts

2.  Gather believers into simple, reproducible, multiplying groups where they meet to worship God and obey His Word

  • Working In and Through Family Units and “Oikos” or spheres of influence
  • P.O.U.C.H churches (Participatory, Obedience, Unpaid/Bi Vocational Locals, Cells, Houses)
  • Discovery/Inductive Approach to Discipleship and Teaching
  • Obedience Not Knowledge As The Measure of Spiritual Maturity
  • Church Multiplication Movement Principles

3.  Train local emerging Asian leaders to do the same by equipping them with strategic thinking and outreach plans that they implement without outside control

  • Build a New Network of Practicioners and Network With Other Networks
  • Travel to New Areas In A “Circuit Rider” Fashion Following the Holy Spirit’s Direction
  • Using Four Fields Training and Luke 10 as Overall Strategy
  • Acts as Trainers and Coaches to Emerging Leaders

4.  Empower local believers in existing churches and networks through teaching and training that focuses on the themes of *Equip, Empower, Equip, Expand, Explode 

  • Teaching and Training on the Five Themes Mentioned Above.  *Learn More…
  • Work Through Contextual Evangelism Presentations in/through the Local Church Level
  • Consult and Create a Process of What to Do With New Believers
  • Emphasize Pastors and “5 Fold Leaders” (Eph 4:11) Equipping and Giving Away Ministry
  • Act As Consultants and Strategists to Existing Groups

5.  Work on issues of contextualization that deal with how to best help the Thai to understand the Gospel within the framework of their cultural background.

  • Work on implementing methods of building bridges by which to share a culturally appropriate presentation of the Gospel.
  • Help to create theological framework for contextualization among the Thai.
  • Lead by example as part of a team of new generation practitioners who seek to be implementers of new church models designed for Thais who want to remain culturally Thai in as many ways as possible with compromising the truth.
  • Create a relational network of like minded practicioners who are actually field testing new approaches with Thai people.

In addition to these 5 main points of focus, as we are able, we also work to support other local ministries and their goals by visiting, encouraging, and raising awareness and funds for their work.  These works include:

  • combatting sex trafficking,
  • orphan ministry and care,
  • disaster relief and aid,
  • local church outreaches,
  • mercy ministry to the poor,
  • hill tribe ministry,
  • Burmese refugee and IDP ministry,
  • teaching English as outreach,
  • hosting and helping short term mission team,
  • and many other types of worthy ministries here in Thailand.

We are networkers who are always studying the work happening in Thailand and how we can support others.

Thanks for taking the time to read and understand.  If you have questions or would like to know more please contact us. Click here to find out how you can support this important work.

Thank you.

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