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Beliefs Summary of John Lambert

I am a former Roman Catholic who was born again by the grace of God alone through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone.  Soon after my conversion, I had a powerful experience with the Holy Spirit which changed my life and drew me closer in relationship to God, His Word, and His purposes for my life.

I was baptized in the Holy Spirit  and fire as well as  in water for repentance by the authority of the “Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit” and in “the precious name of the Lord Jesus Christ.”  Neither of which do I believe affected my salvation by the grace of God.  One baptism was evidence of repentance and the other was a received promise of Jesus for empowering us to do the work he has called us to do.

I believe in true “revival” but also know that in every true move of God there can be a mixture of the flesh and evil that tries to come in.  Despite this reality, I still believe true heaven sent revival is worth the mess.  As Leonard Ravenhill once said, ” I prefer the noise and chaos of the delivery room over the peace and quiet of the grave yard.”

However I believe “revival” is not enough.  I believe we need to move from being “revived” in our spiritual life to being those who willingly and freely volunteer to be used by God in his eternal purposes, one of which is making his name famous among the nations through making disciples who make disciples and teach others to do the same.

I find myself asking the question, “After revival, then what?”  I believe one of the main purposes of God for our present generation is to focus on those places where there is still little to no access to the Gospel message.

I consider myself a young emerging evangelical, theologically-conservative post modern, neo-charismatic, global hearted disciple of Jesus Christ who does not live in fear of others in the diverse Body of Christ.

I try to be both a thinker and a practicioner, a person who reflects as well as a person who acts.   I am ever growing; learning, relearning, and unlearning yet never letting go of the core teachings of “the faith once delivered to all the saints.”

I choose to work and fellowship with people from all different backgrounds who hold the core doctrines of the Christian faith.  Unlike some “emerging” church leaders, I don’t think Christianity needs a complete overall of the essential doctrines of the faith.  But I do believe we need to clean some things up a good bit and especially rediscover apostolic passion and power.

I follow the principle of

“In essentials, unity; in non essentials diversity; in all things charity.”

My position is that I am willing to agree to disagree on certain theological controversies for the sake of keeping unity in the Body of Christ and furthering the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

We can talk about all of the peripherals when we get to heaven.  Until then, we have alot of work to do in the harvest, so let’s get to it!

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