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The Church in Thailand

The Fastest Growing Churches in Thailand 2

What types of churches are growing the fastest in Thailand and why?  In the last post we saw that for various reasons the planting of new churches is the best form of evangelism in Thailand. We ended that post with two questions. One of them was, “What kind of churches?” Today we will answer that […]

The Most Effective Form Of Outreach in Thailand 2

What is the most effective form of outreach or “evangelism” in Thailand?   We have already seen in our previous posts that God is working through existing social networks in Thailand to bring people to Himself. He is also using miracles. But how does the abiding presence of a body of disciples of Jesus committed […]

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Why Do The Thai Convert? 4

Why do Thai people convert to follow Jesus?  What are the main influences that lead them to put their faith and trust in Jesus despite the personal and social costs? It may surprise some to know that it is not Christian teaching or preaching that is making the difference. The reasons for conversion are much […]

Makeup of the Church in Thailand

What is the makeup of the Protestant/Evangelical Church in Thailand?  Where do the majority of Thai believers live?   I am going to break down some of the statistics so we can get a better picture of where the focus has been in outreach so that we can look to the regions & people that […]

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Progress of the Gospel in Thailand 1

I am starting a new series looking at Gospel’s impact on Thailand. After 185 years of some form of Protestant presence in the country, there is still much more Gospel work to be done. As you see from the picture below, the number of Protestant/Evangelical in relation to the whole population is a stark reminder […]

Raised From The Dead in Thailand 2

During my recent ministry trip to Thailand, I was privileged to travel to a village where I spent time interviewing people about testimonies of the dead being raised through prayer in Jesus’ name. I believe these stories, which both happened in the fall of 2012, to be both accurate and true. This is one of […]

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15 Key Questions For Frontier Missionaries

In this post I am focusing in on the potential of the Gospel’s movement among an unreached people group in a frontier missions setting. Instead of giving answers, I want to start by asking a few questions to those who are working to see the Gospel advance in their nation. Below are my questions for […]

What The Witch Doctor Taught Me 2

Of Thailand’s nearly 400,000 Protestant believers, over 40% are from a tribal background.  The Gospel has made greater in roads into the tribal regions of Thailand because of the sacrificial service of many different types of workers. “What The Witch Doctor Taught Me” is the title of an exciting new book that I just finished reading. […]

What The Witch Doctor Taught Me

It Was The Hand of God

The day after my wife’s car accident in Thailand, we were called to the local police station to begin the long process of walking through the details of the accident. During one of our times there, the Buddhist police man said something that stopped us in our tracks. “It was surely the hand of God […]

Thailand: Gold Covered Fetuses?

Disturbing news articles from many news sources such as Daily Mail and CNN, have recently come out about a Taiwanese man of British citizenship was caught in Thailand with boxes of roasted human fetuses that were to be used for religious purposes. Covered in ceremonial gold leaf, they were said to be sold for a high price and […]

Thai Prayers For Our Family

Great group of faith filled senior Thai leaders praying for our family, thanking God for the “divine appointment” of us meeting, asking for miracles, believing God sent us for a purpose, and that he would continue to lead us and use us to bring the Kingdom of God to Thailand. May Father God raise up […]

Diary: Fight & Deliverance 4

After a full day in prayer, my wife left home to go to our boy’s school to pick up our oldest son. It was a hot and dusty day so she made a stop at a 7-11 store.  She pulled behind a parked car on the far left lane (parking lane) on the left side […]

Driving in Thailand 2

Driving in Thailand can be more dangerous than most other places in the world. The Global Road Safety Partnership says In terms of road-crash death and injury, Thailand ranks among the top ten in the world. In recent years, road crashes have resulted in more than 1,000 fatalities per month, and more than 80,000 injuries per year. […]

Diary: Momentum & Crash 1

The beginning of this year started off with a bang and momentum built up steadily until we took a few strong blows which we are still recovering from. I will take this post to help you understand the events which led up to our recent car accident and then try to breakout what has happened […]