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1.  Personal Support:

Become a regular monthly financial partner with this ministry or one like it!  Even if God has called you into missions work or if you are a minister yourself, it is a good habit to sow into other’s work.  We reap what we sow and what we make happen for others God can make happen for us.  Your gift of any amount does makes a difference and goes a long way in helping us continue our work and others doing similar work around the world.  We need you!

You can set up a secure online reoccurring auto monthly deduction through our secure online giving page.  Regular recurring giving is the best way to help us figure our budget each month.  Some partners choose to support at different intervals such as quarterly, semi-annually, or annually and it is equally as beneficial especially if there is some consistency.

2.  Prayer Support: 

Join our prayer team. Commit to praying regularly for our family, our ministry here, and for all of those we come in contact with.  Adopt an unreached people group as your own and pray regularly for God’s Kingdom to come and live giving churches to be planted among them.  Ask specifically for a new generation of leadership to arise with God’s heart for the unreached people groups of the world.  Ask that ancient spiritual strongholds be broken and for the people to have a revelation of who Jesus Christ really is to them.  Pray for other cross cultural workers that you know and for the churches and people that send them to continue to be faithful.  Cross cultural workers can never get enough prayer!

3.  Project Support: 

Give towards a specific project.  We are always working on something that needs a great deal of support in order to be accomplished.  Join your faith with ours and let’s get things accomplished for the glory of God!  You can give towards the project online or by mail.  It is almost a certainty that any missionary you meet is working on something that he is looking for partners to help him accomplish.  You can play a part in building momentum and blessing the work so that it can move forward.

4.  Come Serve Support:

Pray about leading a missions team to serve the overseas by using your gifts & talents. The experience has the potential to change your life and do good to those you serve.  Contact us to talk about the possibilities.  We have lived and worked in the second largest city of Thailand which is also one of the best places for short term missions work of anywhere in Asia.  There is lots for you to do, see, and be a part of.  We now live in Los Angeles serving at the The Venture Center with Frontier Ventures and welcome you if you are interested in coming for a visit.

5.  Biggest Fan Support:

Share with your friends and relatives about global missions work, the needs of the unreached, and challenge them to get involved by partnering with us financially.  Use the “Share” links on the site and send videos, newsletters, and articles via Facebook, Twitter, and Email.  Have us speak with your home groups or churches via Skype.  In other words, be our biggest fans!  No seriously, missionaries need “encouragers” and sold out partners.  Without a massive army of strong support we would not be able to do what we do.

We are open to traveling and speaking to your church, group, or team.  We always are looking to make new friends for the sake of the Kingdom.

So, Contact Us Today and let’s put something on the calendar!


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