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The 21Project, held on our Pasadena campus, ran from July 13th- August 2nd, 2014.  Over 200 university leaders representing 50+ universities gathered for three full weeks of morning and evening sessions.



21 Project is a collaborative leadership training school.

The creativity that came out of this group was incredible.

60 new songs were produced, with 17 being showcased in a live show.

Loren Cunningham, the founder of Youth With a Mission, came and spoke to the students and challenged them to join in completing the Great Commission (Matt 28:18-20).

The students also heard from author and statesman, Joy Dawson as well as many other phenomenal leaders such as Dave Gibbons of Xealots.

The Ekballo Project used film to challenge the students to go to unreached peoples by showing them places like North India, Nepal, and Tibet.

I, along with our main leaders at the U.S. Center for World Mission, shared the message of the unreached peoples and challenged the students to consider global missions as their career or a part of their career.

The students loved being here with us and we loved having them.

The vision of 21 Project is…

to see young leaders genuinely live their lives for Jesus and respond to their calling, while resisting the old divide of “sacred vs secular.” Instead the goal if for them to enter their sphere of society with the same Christ-¬‐like determination as one going into a “mission field.”

To see young leaders learn the power of team and collaboration while applying the heart attitudes of Jesus when working with others very different from themselves. Teaching them that the convergence of gifts and callings results in accelerated creativity and innovation and the potential for real transformation in society.

Objectives & Highlights for 2014

21Project is broken up into 5 main tracks.  Below are the tracks, their objectives, and some highlights.

Toolshed Objective:

Voice and instrumental skills training, collaboration on song-writing and production of music

Highlight Achievement: Over 60 songs written, 18 recorded. High level of quality and professionalism. Many songs were written for the lost.

Plowmen Objective:

Grow national family of campus activists and schedule university tour stops for fall unto a national love movement campaign.

Highlight Achievement: At present, tour stops are planned at multiple universities in each of 10 major cities (including Seattle, Portland, San Fran, L.A., Chicago, Houston, Athens/Atlanta, Boston, NYC). These are student led gatherings for the purpose of unity and collaboration around the message of Jesus and Love

Artisans Objective:

Artistic skills training and collaboration around media projects

Highlight Achievement: Produced a high quality promo video for the next 21 Project school.

Mavericks Objective:

Train students in basic skills for business plan development and execution.

Highlight Achievement: Over 30 students presented their business plans before a panel of successful entrepreneurs who offered constructive input and direction. Best business plans were rewarded with

Viral Objective:

To explore necessary skills and expected phases for community building. To grow a family network of those that want to see Christ-centered viral communities in their region.

Highlight Achievement: 10+ leaders who have all led communities around the world or who are looking to launch new communities came together to share best practices, hard lessons learned, and began to construct a template for what young leaders might need to plant a viral sustainable community.

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