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What does it look like for innovative thinkers to combine their talents with a desire for social good that makes an impact among unreached people groups in places like India?

One recent example of how the world of innovation converged with the world of social good is through the work of a company called Wello.  Though Wello is not specifically a missional social enterprise, they are an interesting case study for those who might consider following in their innovative approaches and adding a missional component.

The folks at Wello started by asking the question, “How might we improve the experience of collecting, storing, and using water?”  It was a simple question that had great potential impact on the lives of women and girls in rural India if they could find the right answer.


With a population of over 1 billion people, India has many women who have to gather water daily from long distances.  They are affected in many ways.  In short, the daily burden of water collection undermines productivity, limits educational opportunities and traps households in poverty. Wello focuses on reducing the negative social, economic and health consequences of carrying heavy loads of water over long distances.

Watch Cynthia Koenig tell the Wello Water Wheel story at TEDx. Great stuff!

I hope some of you reading will be inspired to bring together innovation, social good, and missional focus into similar projects that turn “crisis into opportunity” for good.  There are many other problems among the unreached peoples that could potentially be impacted by innovative solutions motivated by social good.

And in our case, innovative solutions fueled with a passion to share the Good News of Jesus, both in word and in deed.

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