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The International House of Prayer held its first annual OneThing Leadership Summit.  This by invitation only gathering of 500 prayer and mission leaders was an unprecedented meeting and the beginning of a new conversation and collaboration between the prayer and frontier missions movement.  I was honored to represent the U.S. Center for World Mission.

500 Prayer and Mission Leaders Gathered for the OneThing Leadership Summit.

500 Prayer and Mission Leaders Gathered for the OneThing Leadership Summit.

The theme for the Dec 29-30th 2013 summit was…

“Until Every Nation Sings, Until Every Nation Hears, Until Every Nation Loves.”

The vision statement is:

“We desire to pray and labor until every geographic and ethnic frontier is covered in prayer with worship for a global harvest, and until the Bible is available in every known living language on earth.”

Leaders Adopt 300 Languages Needing Translations

The meeting delegates were able to immediately put action to their vision by adopting 300 language groups that are still needing Bible translation in their heart language. Those leaders present took up the challenge, adopted the people groups, and agreed to ongoing prayer over the next year for these projects.

In addition, IHOPKC in partnership with The Seed Company, a subsidiary of Wycliffe Bible Translators, took responsibility for the funding of five Bible translation and Jesus film projects to the tune of $250,000. IHOP leader Mike Bikle told The Seed Company CEO, Roy Peterson, that he looked forward to raising the funds and adopting more Bible translation projects next year.  He emphasized how prayer and the Word of God were essential for every tribe and language to worship God.  The goal of The Seed Company is to help eradicate on the greatest injustices of our day; Bible Poverty.

Summit Goals

The goals of the 2013 summit were to:

1. Strengthen relationships between key leaders from both the prayer and missions movements as well as key local church Pastors who have a value for both.

2. To begin the discussion of strategic goals and objectives; to see night and day prayer established in every language and in each geographic and ethnic region of the earth.

3. To explore the diversity of expression in corporate prayer with worship.

Attendance and Format

Those in attendance included men like Roy Peterson of The Seed Company, John Dawson of YWAM, Mark Anderson of Call2All, Francis Chan, Lou Engle of The Call and Ekballo House of Prayer, Andy Byrd of Fire & Fragrance & The Circuit Riders, and other global leaders.  In addition, the leadership team of IHOP, which included Mike Bickle, Daniel Lim, Wes Hall, and Allen Hood, were active in leading the forum and discussions.

The format included prayer, worship, exhortation from leaders, round table discussion, panel discussions, and one on one meetings. The meetings contained both relational. prophetic, strategic, and tactical elements with leaders gathered one the first day around their ministry affinities and on the second day around their geographic locations.

I was privileged to sit with leaders from Call2All, YWAM, The Seed Company, and IHOPKC. On day two, I was with leaders from the West Coast.  Both table discussions were active and edifying.

In addition to the U.S., leaders from many nations attended including:

Cyprus, Barbados, Holland, Malta, Switzerland, Taiwan, Panama, Malaysia, Brazil, UK, China, India, Korea, Philippines, Germany, Israel, Egypt, New Zealand, Thailand, Turkey, & Ukraine.

The Prayer Movement Building Momentum

One of the key insights of the meeting was the explosion of night and day prayer that has been happening all across the world. In times past, it was said that if a group called a prayer meeting there would not be anyone excited except for maybe a couple of older ladies in the church. Today it was said that there are over 10,000 night and day prayer watches happening throughout the earth with those numbers steadily increasing.

On the evening of May 17, during the 2012 World Prayer Assembly held in Jakarta Indonesia, 100,000 believers of all denominations, including 20,000 trained child intercessors and 20,000 youth, gathered together in the national stadium for a massive prayer meeting.  Allen Hood of IHOP reported that when the call went out for night and day prayer among every tribe and tongue, the people erupted in praise and celebration.  Hood remarked how this represented a key shift in the prayer movement and its global momentum.

Forthcoming is a survey of houses of prayer and praying churches that was taken from over 100 leaders, 25 states, 18 nations, & 6 continents.  I look forward to sharing some of the insights with you in the weeks to come.

It was a great first start and I look forward to attending next year for OneThing 2014.


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