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Below are my notes from the Pentecostal World Conference held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 8-27-13.

First up is…

Samuel Rodriguez

Current President of The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (Hispanic Evangelical Association), America’s largest Hispanic Christian Organization with 40,118 member churches.

He is a dynamic speaker and leader.  He spoke so quickly I could barely take notes.  I won’t do this message justice, but here is what I got…

Text: Gen 8:1

Message: The Raven and the Dove

Noah lived in a time when sin permeated the culture.  He stood committed that his home would be different.  Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord.

Righteousness always attracts God’s favor.

Samuel Rodriguez and me at the Pentecostal World Conference in KL, Malaysia.

Samuel Rodriguez and me at the Pentecostal World Conference in KL, Malaysia.

Noah believed the prophetic in the midst of the pathetic.

There is a false teaching that says we will never go through trouble.  But if you are in the right place when the flood comes, not only will you survive but you will thrive.

  • Daniel didn’t’ stay in the lions den.
  • Jonah didn’t stay in the whale.
  • Jesus didn’t stay in the tomb.

There are too many people following the raven…dead dreams, dead theology etc..

The raven is about the old, the past.

The dove leads.  It represents life, future, hope.

The olive tree is the resilient tree.  It survives everything.  The secret is in the foundation.  It’s roots are embedded in the rock.  As long as the rock does not move, the olive tree will live.

The dove always brings proof of life

Life- John 6:63

Comfort- John 15:26

Holiness- I Peter 1:16

Power: Acts 1:8

  • 2 Cor 3:17
  • Rev 1:6
  • 2 Tim 1:7
  • Rom 8:1

Noah brings praise.

There is no such thing as comfortable Christianity.

As Pentecostals, we are not weird for exuberance.  We are wired for effectiveness.

There is no such thing as a silent Pentecostal.  We were born from a sound.

As long as the lion can roar, the enemies know that they cannot take away what belongs to him.

Billy Wilson

President of Oral Roberts University

Mentioned Jerusalem

Empowered 21 Network-

Message: Acts 2:38-39 “To be continued…”

2 Tim 1:5-6, 14

Rom 1:11

Acts 2:1-4 The Holy Spirit is realized, personalized, internalized, & verbalized.

What about the future?  Will the fire keep burning?  Are we at the end of the beginning?

The doctrine, spirit, and purpose by which they first set out.

How are we facing the future?  We have to ask ourselves as leaders “Are we more like Hezakiah or more like Moses and David?”

2 Chr 32:31

2 Kings 20:18-19 –  Everything is ok if I am in leadership. This is shortsightedness and sin.

For Moses dream to come to pass a new generation had to take up the mantle.

David’s vision was fulfilled in a new generation.  He had to get Solomon ready with resources.

Set out on a “Listening Tour”- What are the greatest needs in the Spirit filled church?


  • Leadership with character- authenticity
  • We need a greater Biblical literacy on the Holy Spirit.
  • We need spiritual fathers and mothers
  • Teaching on how to hear God’s voice
  • Unity to reach the lost

6 Suggestions That Are Needed If We Are Going To See This Movement Continue

We need to embrace a complete Acts 2 model- tongues, what does this mean?, Peter starts with exalting Jesus and calls people to follow him, concludes with church life.

The new generation doesn’t struggle with tongues because of tongues but because of the behavior of those sometimes who speak in tongues.

Acts 2:45: Practical works resulting in compassion.

We must teach and preach on the Holy Spirit.  Fruit, Gifts, Life, Walk of the Spirit!

We need to give space for experience.  “Flip” classroom.  The New Testament experience was a flipped classroom.  Go experience and come back.  Experience first and explanation second!  “This is that…”

Jesus Culture and IHOP mentioned.  Young people are flocking to these places cause young people are looking for experience.

Impart to a new gen what you have in your life.  Acts 20.

Think of that first moment when the Holy Spirit was using you supernaturally.  What if you were afraid to try?  We need to create “safe zones” where people can try and fail and it is ok.

Missions Break Out:

World Evangelicals, Continent by Continent breakdown given, but couldn’t keep up with the data.  Looked dated from 2006.

Brad from AG Argentina-

Leads largest missions agency in Latin America- Argentina- 130 missionries to 39 countries (?)

Missions doesn’t begin with money.  It begins with people.

In Latin America, we had a poverty mentality.

AG Survey Data

  • Did a census among 83 agencies
  • Countries with AG General Councils 171
  • Number of Missions Program 83
  • Goal to reach 100 countries with a missions program
  • 7593 Foreign workers sent
  • 11,759 cross cultural home missionaries
  • Potential of 18k missionaries from top 21 countries.

Wanted to know the average number of churches it takes to send a missionary?

Found out that if every 10 churches would send just one missionary, the AG would have 36k additional missionaries.

The problem is not a lack of money.  It is a lack of VISION!!

Traditional sending countries averaged $5.39/mo. per person for missions sending giving.

Africa/Latin America .02 cents

“We are just getting started in a pragmatic sending vision in the Global South.”

Resources mentioned:

Dominic from Trinity Christian Center

Over 12 million Singapore a year (9.4 mil usd) from that church to missions.  Disputes stats on Asian missions movement saying that in Asia, missions giving cannot be recorded.

“The Asian church is rising up.  We are no longer a kid in the missions sending world.”

There are 750 churches in Singapore.  Mega churches in Singapore: 100 churches above 1000 in attendance.  Most will not give you statistics because of their location.

Open doors and challenges.

We are very relational.

We don’t want to conform to a structured sending agency.  We are relational in our collaboration and cooperation. For instance, their church was Invited into India by Dr. David Grant and David Mohan.

Singapore churches want to be involved relational partnerships.

Unconventional Trust in Missiology and Missions

We look at things from a different missiological perspective.  Missionary challenges in getting visas forces us to look differently.

They are meeting up with government leaders as business leaders.  Creating wealth to pour back into that society.

Church Development & Community Development

They rally the local church for mission through “education that brings conviction.”  Systematic education throughout the year.  Experiences that concretize mission.

They mobilize through cells.  Whole families go out together.  For instance “to dig a well” overseas.  Totality for the family.  When one is called then the whole family is called.

Their local church is Involved in 34 nations of the world

People are also mobilized through a burden for a particular country.

They are mobilized through a passion- through people groups focus based around a cause.

Out of those involved in Short term missions, they nurture the people to become ambassadors (not called “missionaries”).

They have a 3 month program called the “Alpha Track.”  Those who go through this are “raised up to become part of the harvest force.”  Pastoral staff are working with them.

Some come into the church.  Some go into the market place.  They keep in touch to nuture the call.

They also have a one year missions program.  Challenge people to “put a pause on their career.”

“If the Mormons can give up two years to serve in mission how much more can we give up one year to be involved in missions.”

People are trained at MTP Baguio Philippines

Chadwick from Chennai AG

The old paradigm is the agency.  They “started to look into the Word of God again.”  Missionaries need to be sent by the Holy Spirit.  Asking God, “Who are these missionaries?”

Acts 13

Pastor served as a senior man in our church.  Sent to the borders of Bhutan.  Already an experienced man.  3 years down the line, he has planted churches.

Been in the local church for 8 years, working with cells.  Called to Varanasi.  42 house churches planted.  Shifted to “man of peace” strategy.  Get one house ready, oikos.  No raising up funds for churches anymore.  We need funds for training centers.

Establish members strong in the Gospel. In the mission and vision of the church- church is central in God’s plan for the ages.  Raising up indigenous leaders.  8 local leaders raised up in Uttar Pradesh.

Question: What training program are you using?  Answer: 6 booklets of the house church movement.  How to run a small group.  (using Trinity’s materials.)

Their focus as a local church:

  • Live good lives.
  • Do little good works.
  • Share the good news.

Cell structure provides the ability to understand org goals, group goals, and management.

“Missiology is an evolving science.”  Pray for our senior pastors to understand mission.

“Missions starts in the back yard.”

Global Leadership Forum Break Out

Dr. David Wells

Topic: Leading Change in Changing Times

  • Pastored a church with 80 nations.
  • Lived in Toronto and Vancouver.
  • A third of churches meeting in languages other than main two.
  • Pluralism a challenge they face.

Looking at Hemorrhaging Faith.

Theological Drift- not the same conviction around theological absolutes.  A growing neo-universalism.

Spiritual Inertia- 80% of church goers don’t read the Bible on a daily basis.

Come and gather churches are not attractive to the young believers.

Change is in order.

What is needed is transformational leadership.

“Discipline of negative capacity.”- Keats.  Cliches and loud pronouncements are not enough to bring change.

Resist the temptation to rush through the conference and come up with simple solutions.  There has to be something deeper.  Not going to throw some quick solutions and strategies at this.  It is losing the battle of self sufficiency.  It’s saying, “God if you don’t move, we’re sunk.”

Real change occurs when we have the self sufficiency knocked right out of us.  We need to hear from the Lord clear direction.  When the Lord speaks to his churches and apprises them it comes down to

Three areas of vitality:

  1. Spiritual
  2. Theological
  3. Missional
  • Do good missiology about my own country and context
  • Come to the end of self sufficiency
  • Ask God to give people who will help address these areas

He calls to leaders and communications to center around these three areas mentioned above.

The Pentecostal Response to Islamization

Fastest growing group is the “nones.” No religion.  15% of world population

“The church is afraid and embarrassed to reach out to Muslims, even in their own country.”

We need to express ourselves clearly about the uniqueness of Jesus Christ, such as in the case of “Chrislam.”

Get a changed mind about the gift of work.

There is no text in the Bible that says that we must convince people.  It’s the Holy Spirit’s role.  We plant and water, but God gives the growth.

We are carriers of God’s blessing rather than those in conflict & negative.

Third speaker (didn’t catch his name)

If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small.

Leaders don’t faint.

We’ve lost the basics of leadership.

John 17: 26 principles right there.

Jesus went to the mountain to seek God when he had trouble.  Go back to the basics.  Start again.

Spend time in prayer.

3 types of leaders:

  1. From head: touches head
  2. From heart: touches emotion
  3. From their life: eternal impact

Needed: Godly fathers and mothers not intellectuals.

“When the man is right, the world will be right.”

Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus…

Don’t give up, go to prayer.

Keep the main things the main things. Vitality: spiritual, theological, missional

Every day: Pray every day, give, read, do the basics consistently.

Night Session

Dag Heward-Mills

I was not in attendance during this message, but here is a little background on the speaker:

Born in London to a Ghanaian father and Swiss mother in May 1963, Dag Heward-Mills has a ministerial career spanning over 25 years.  The Lighthouse Chapel International denomination which he founded in 1987 has become one of the most prominent and fast growing churches to come out of West Africa.  By 2013 the denomination has over 1,300 branches in over 60 countries across the world.  He has held 67 crusades in over 41 towns and villages, and over 10 countries in Africa with a stated count of over 8 million “decisions.”

From what I saw on the Twitter feed #pwckl2013 he preached from his book “Loyalty and Disloyalty.”

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