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I am so excited to release this video testimony today. It is the testimony of my new friend, Mei, who I met just a few months ago when she was with us at the U.S. Center for World Mission.

I was so amazed by her miraculous testimony that I pursued her to share it again at the Ekballo House of Prayer here on our campus.

This video is only the second time that she has formally shared her story with a group.  Even more amazing is that she was not released by the Lord to share it until now.

The connection to Los Angeles, the Asian community, and what we have been sensing the Lord wants to do through the prayer and frontier missions movement all converge in this one amazing story.

It is just under an hour in length, but truly amazing and well worth the time. After you watch it and if you agree, please share it with your social networks with a little explanation of why you loved it.

Our Jesus is passionately pursuing the lost and he has invited us to join Him in bringing the nations into loving and intimate relationship with him and effective service in this Kingdom. Mei is now serving African Enterprise and the indigenous African missions movement.

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