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Below are my thoughts and observations from the first Missions track of the Pentecostal World Conference held in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Luis Bush

First up was Luis Bush of Transform World 2020. Dr. Bush was one of the prime movers of the AD 2000 and Beyond Movement which had as its stated goal, “A Church for Every People and the Gospel for Every Person by the Year 2000.”

Dr. Bush was instrumental in helping focusing missions work by creating the missional term “10-40 Window” which represents the location of the majority of the world’s unreached people groups. His work included global prayer campaigns that mobilized millions of intercessors to pray both at home and on site for the unreached peoples.

One of the slides from the missions track presentations.

One of the slides from the missions track presentations.

A few years ago he termed a new missional phrase called the “4-14 Window” which focused the missions world on reaching the next generation between the ages of 4 & 14.

For his session, he outlined his new focus for Transform World 2020.

Included are

7 main missional challenges.

With a couple of brief notes, they are the…

1. Ideological Challenge- How do we respond to Isl*m?

2. Poverty Challenge- Empowering the impoverished. A case study of Korea was mentioned.

3. Family Challenge- Restoration, healing, (the ideal village movement- family and community experience training, a social or values movement that took ahold of a community. “Gospel” includes the meaning of blessing in Korean. It is holistic. He mentions the Canaan Farmer’s School & the New Village Movement- secular journalists attribute it for the transformation of Korea.

4. Justice Challenge- 3 main focuses of Trafficking, Dalits of India, & North Korea

5. Orphan Challenge- Kiev, Ukraine, orphans get to the street as a last resort. Christian families take responsibility instead of them going into orphanages. Transformation came to Kiev. An alliance for orphans came out of that and a movement called “Ukraine Without Orphans.” There is a call for a world without orphans.

6. Missional Challenge- Make disciples of all ethnicities. 50 largest unreached and 50 largest unengaged.

7. Celebration Challenge- Prayer and worship. In every country there would be a house of prayer, praying for the unreached.

The Transform World challenges were said to be inspired by the “Arnold Toynbee model of transformation” which says in essence that civilizations collapse when they fail to respond to the challenges of their times.

Greg Mundis

Next up was Greg Mundis, Executive Director of Assembly of God World Mission.

I have quoted a him in a past blog post on the Pentecostal movement.

Here are a couple more highlights:

Assembly of God World Mission has a new focus on 3 main areas:

  1. Partnership
  2. Suffering Church
  3. Unreached Peoples aka “neglected regions”

Greg says, “the legacy of the AG is missions.” In 1921 there was a desire and declaration to “seek out neglected regions.”

Yet Mundis said,

“Up until 2 years ago, we didn’t even have unreached people groups on our radar.”

That’s a pretty amazing statement from the head of missions from the largest Pentecostal denomination in the world.  The AG is possibly the largest Protestant denomination globally if you account for the Lutherans and Anglicans being considered “state churches” and their numbers being counted differently.

However the AG are represented in 239 unreached people groups currently.

They are working to train new workers going to the frontiers in CPM strategy in a couple of key field based locations.

Couple of good quotes from Greg:

“The Holy Spirit is a missionary Spirit.”- Melvin Hodges, Pentecostal missionary pioneer

If you just have the word you will dry up. If you just have the Spirit you will blow up. If you have the word and the Spirit you will grow up.”- Donald Gee

Jim Bennet

Next up was the “Pentecostal response to the challenge of Isl*m” by Dr. Jim Bennet.  Here are the exhortations he gave the group.  The descriptive terms have been altered.

• Be Pentecostal! Acts 1:8-9
• Recognize God loves M*slims
• Recommit to prayer, spiritual warfare, signs/ wonders
• Encourage more workers to work among M*slims
• Encourage more Pentecostal orgs and churches to intentionally focus on M*slims
• Recognize the role of missiological awareness- (definitions of terms like unreached, upg, etc.)
• Overcome the fear factor of reaching out to M*slims.
• Promote collaboration in mission activity to M*slims.
• Develop new paradigms of training- mentions “Institutes of Isl*mic Studies”
• Encourage creative church planting and ministry- CAREFUL CONTEXTUALIZATION (few people said Amen!) Seed of the Gospel vs. potted plant (He didn’t know the reference)
• Maximize crisis opportunities
• Ask, “why are these M*slims among us?” Acts 17
• Embrace a technologically changing world and use new tools

Harun Ibrahim

Next up was “Why is the M*slim world today’s most challenging mission field?” By Harun Ibrahim

For 25 years he has been a missionary to M*slims from a M*slim background.

He runs Al Hayat which has four satellites covering 2/3rds of the globe.

Feedback: one million per month
10k conversions a month stat was given. (that they know of)
6 live shows a week- one live salvation each show.
In Arabic, launching Turkish and Urdu soon.

Ibrahim says that M*slims are sick and tired of “religion.” Arab Spring should be called the Arab Winter. People are tired of Isl*m. They want an alternative.

73 million Saudis on Youtube every day. 70k atheists of Saudi Arabia can found on Twitter.


“We Pentecostals are known to be people who love to do missions. But very few of us are focused on technology. “

“The Gospel that transferred the Apostle Paul has the same power to transfer any M*slim.”

In the next posts, I will share more from the missional tracks including some great insights from a Latin American pastor.  Stay tuned.

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