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Not very long ago I watched a video from Fuller Seminary called, “The End of Missiological Education As We Know It.” The conversation explored the continually changing landscape of missiological education and included perspectives from three former deans of their School of Intercultural Studies (formerly the School of World Missions).  Interesting if you are into missiology.


Quoting from a description of the discussion, “Each of the panelists described the changes that took place in the discipline of missiology during their respective times at the helm of the largest academic missions training institution in the world.”

The most interesting part of the discussion for me came from J. Dudley Woodberry where he spoke of the “value tensions” that the school sought to hold.

I thought these trends and tensions would be very helpful to some who are thinking about missions work and how they may hold some of their own strategies in tension.

21 Mission Trends In Tension

Evangelistic Passion ______________________________ Holism

Evangelical ______________________________________ Ecumenical

Contextual ______________________________________  Global

Learning From History _____________________________  Preparing For the Future

Academic Quality _________________________________ Practical Engagement

Excellence _______________________________________ Empowerment

Recognized Standards _____________________________  Flexibility

Strong Center _____________________________________ Extended Partnerships

Stable ___________________________________________ Responsive To Opportunity

Integrated Programs ________________________________ Modular Offerings

Mentoring Individuals _______________________________ Equipping The Many

If you are involved in cross cultural work, what other trends in tension would you add?  Why?

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