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Of Thailand’s nearly 400,000 Protestant believers, over 40% are from a tribal background.  The Gospel has made greater in roads into the tribal regions of Thailand because of the sacrificial service of many different types of workers.

What The Witch Doctor Taught Me” is the title of an exciting new book that I just finished reading.

What The Witch Doctor Taught Me

Author Elaine Oleo Masters, takes us on a colorful ride into the world of Thailand’s tribal regions through her own experiences as a person who came in and out of the culture often.

Elaine’s husband, Don, was assigned to the American Embassy in Bangkok and Elaine came into contact with a lady who would eventually lead her up to the tribal areas of the North on an exploratory trip.  Once she experienced the life and culture of tribal Thailand, she would never be able to get it out of her blood.

I loved this book because it gives the reader lots of exciting and intriguing glimpses into another world that most will never be able to experience.  It is a great adventure read for those who want to take a journey into rural Southeast Asian life and hear of God’s work among a distant people.

For those who will experience the culture because they are going to Thailand as workers, the book does a great job of introducing some of the basics what they will be encountering as they interact with tribal life or life in Thailand, in general.

For people who are already living and working in Thailand, you will find yourself nodding your head “Yes” to a lot of what Elaine points out in her examples.

The testimony of the book stands as a great example of the power of one concerned person who makes it their business to get involved and stay committed even though they are not resident in and among the people.

It should do a great service to those who are looking for real life examples of the potential power of “short term” missions work. I recommend it!

You can get the book on Kindle or Paperback from Amazon.

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