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How did Judah, a simple Thai man God used to raise his neighbor from the dead, come to know and follow Jesus as his Savior and Lord?  This was the burning question in my heart after I heard his testimony about being a spirit medium.

This is part of his story.

"You Are The Spirit House of God" - The Spirit of God Lives In You

“You Are The Spirit House of God” – The Spirit of God Lives In You

Someone Chose To Step Out In Faith

At the time when Judah was following the forest monk, his aunt came to know God through the influence of a visiting Thai pastor and his wife (I will call them Nee and Haa).

Haa had come to Judah’s aunt’s village to follow up with a women named “Honey” who had been fighting with her husband.  Gaan, the aunt of Judah, was sick, depressed, stressed, and had bad head aches.  Gaan sought Haa out and she prayed for her.  Gaan was healed of her symptoms and told Judah’s wife, “Aa” about what happened to her.

Aa had been suffering with some kind of large mass on her neck.  She was not able to eat or sleep because of the pain.  It became worse and she was not able to move her neck at all.  Haa prayed for her in Jesus’ name and the mass shrunk & completely disappeared.

Someone Chose To Be Persistent

Later, Pastor Nee came to the village to seek Judah out at Aa’s request, but Judah would run away from him and hide.  He would come and try to visit often but was not able to find Judah.

Aa would prayed for Judah and eventually, after about 5 months, he met with Pastor Nee and pray to receive Jesus as Lord.

Nee invited Judah to a church service one Sunday.  During the worship time, without anyone touching him, Judah fell down and had a vision for about 20 minutes.

God Grants Miraculous Revelation

In the vision he saw two ways.  The voice said, “Choose this way or that way.”

Judah replied,

“I choose your way God.”

So, the man took his hand and led him to a beautiful garden. He gave him many kinds of fruit seeds and said to him, “I am your Father.  I created everything for you.”  Judah believed that he was encountering God.

God showed him how to plant the seeds.  God would do it first then Judah.

A Lesson On Planting And Harvest

God took him to see other things and then they came back.  They saw many other fields planted as a result of the one they planted together. It was as if the fields had multiplied.

Judah asked,

“Are you really God, the true God?”

and then he woke up.  During this encounter, his body felt warm and afterwards he was weeping.

Idols Exposed And Removed

He went home to sleep that night and had a dream that the idols he still had in his home turned into a large wolf and tried to bite at him.  This wolf was trying to devour him.

Judah looked at the wolf and shouted,

“In the name of Jesus, get out!!”

The wolf turned and left.

Jesus, Name Above All Names

The day he received Jesus he had heard people praying for him say, “In the name of Jesus…”  When I asked him why he thinks he used the name of Jesus the way he did, he replied that he was scared and used what he had heard the others saying and it worked.

When Judah woke up, he turned and said to his wife,

“God is real. He showed me He is real.”

God Grants Wisdom For Livelihood

Judah would later pray and ask God for new work, a new trade.  God showed him piglets in a dream and He told him to raise pigs.  Judah now has 16 piglets and two female pigs.  He also has a sewing business.  Pieces come from Bangkok and he puts them together.  Each one yields about 30 cents.

A Fully Grounded Thai Believer

Judah has been a believer for about four years now.  He read his Bible everyday.  His favorite books are Isaiah and John.  He has been baptized in water and the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Nehemiah prayed for him to be baptized in the Holy Spirit.  During that prayer he says that he “felt hot, was crying, and felt like he had received a new life.”  One week later he started “praying in the Spirit.”  Two weeks later he was baptized in water publicly.

When he reads the Bible daily and prays, he shares with his family and asks them, “What do you feel God is speaking to you from this?” And they discuss the passage together.

The Word And The Power

I was blessed to be able to get real life insight into the battle for Judah’s life and the eventual victory of Jesus.  There is so much that we can glean from this story, especially as those who are working among an unreached people like the Thai.

Unlike many in the Western world, most Thai people already have a supernatural world view and experiences that are stranger than most fiction stories we read or hear.

Stories like this one shows us how God Himself is working and how we can play our part to get the Gospel into the lives of those who are living in darkness.

Not simply through word only, but also through deeds of faith and power.

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