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Does God really still raise the dead through the prayers of His people?

I heard stories from other distant places, but it wasn’t something I ever heard before in Thailand (though I was told later that it has happened here before).  I’ve even known of some who tried to pray for those who passed away but were unsuccessful.

I admit, I was skeptical at first. But I kept an open mind and heart, and pursued the open door to the stories. I dug down and find out for myself.

The believer who prayed for the little girl, the Father, and a Thai leader in the place where this took place.

The believer who prayed for the little girl, the Father, and a Thai leader in the place where this took place.

God gave me the privilege of being able to hear these recent testimonies- in person- with the people actually involved. Given my experiences in Thailand and work with Thai people, I believe them to be accurate and true.

This is the second of two stories.

Grandmother Makes A Big Mistake

The story begins with a grandmother and her two-year old grand-daughter.

The little girl was sick and running a fever. The grandmother, who was a simple village lady with probably no more than a 3rd or 6th grade education, decided to give her some medicine to help.

Little did she know, she gave her grand-daughter a powerful stomach medicine for adults.  She put the little girl down for a nap and later saw her raising her arms in the air while she was on her back. She just thought that the little girl was playing and continued on with her work. The little girl was not playing, but was actually gasping for air.

A neighbor came in for a visit and noticed that the child had stopped breathing.  She shouted to the grandmother that the girl was dead.

Who Is Able To Help?

The grandmother grabbed her lifeless and cold body and began running back and forth screaming for help.  Another neighbor, a middle aged lady and a believer in Jesus for only about two years, came out and grabbed the baby from the grandmother’s arms.

She began to cry out to God,

“God if you are real, I know you are! Help this child! Help this child!”

She cried out three times, holding the baby to the sky.  By the third time, she was weeping and praying even more fervently.

Immediately, the little girl gasped for breathe and regained her pulse.

Her color returned.

Fully Recovered

She returned to full normalcy to the point that no one thought that she needed to go to the hospital at all.  (It was told me that the villagers would go to the hospital for anything because they have free health coverage.  The fact they didn’t go showed their confidence in what God had done through this woman’s prayers and faith).

The little girl, not only fully recovered, but the villagers say that she has actually grown healthier and “fatter” since this event.

I met this little girl, her parents, the grandmother, the neighbors, and the faithful Thai believer who God used to bring this miracle to pass.

God Gets The Glory

Her neighbors have all become believers and are growing to understand about Jesus and his power.  God is using this story to share the Gospel of Jesus with other villages.

Why should any of you consider it incredible that God raises the dead?- Acts 26:8

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