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Tonight Lou Engle publicly announced that he and his family are moving to Pasadena, CA to fulfill the vision that God has given him to raise up massive prayer and mobilization to the last remaining unreached people groups of the world.

Antioch House of Prayer

While speaking at a local HRock Church conference called “The Prophetic Voice Conference”, Engle began to lay out how God has been leading him toward this new “life commission.”  He said that he was willing to give even the next twenty years of his life to the call to pray for God to send (ekballo) laborers into the last remaining unreached people groups.

He mentioned his connection and partnership with the Pasadena based US Center for World Mission and the Mott auditorium which is based on the 17 acre campus.  The auditorium is named after famous student mission mobilizer, John R. Mott.

Many supernatural words have been spoken about the importance of the location of Mott auditorium.  In my own research, I found in the story of the founding of the US Center for World mission an important connection with a praying Swedish missionary named Erik Stadell.

Dr. Ralph Winter, the founder of the Frontier Mission Fellowship and the US Center for World Mission, credits the genesis of the campus in part to the deeply faith filled intercessory prayers of Stadell.  I have cut a small video of Stadell’s powerful testimony and some background here.  It is an inspiring story of how intercession and action go together and I believe an prophetic picture for the fututre.

Another minister, James Goll, shared a dream in which God took him to Mott auditorium on the campus of the US Center for World Mission.  There he showed him many things that would take place in the near future.  Engle also writes about Stadell and Mott in his book “Digging the Wells of Revival.”

As God began to stir Engle back towards California, a close friend told him that he had been praying for him for five months that he would receive his inheritance in Pasadena.

Then another friend, Chris Berglund, told him about a dream where an angel gives him a key with #731 on it.  He tells him, “My name is ‘I’ll Meet You On The Mountain.'”  Although it did not make sense at first, Engle tucked it away.

He made his way to Pasadena to spend 40 days fasting and praying to seek God about what his next steps should be.  He would start his fast in June and end at the end of July.  To Engle, the “mountain,” if anything, was Mott auditorium.

Engle mentions that the General Director of the US Center for World Mission, Dave Datema, had contacted him before in Kansas City because he had a dream that prayer was being brought to the US Center campus. He also saw three loading docks.  Datema specifically sought out Engle, saying, “Can you bring prayer to the US Center?”

When Engle came to Pasadena, Datema contacted him again saying that he had a book on the history of Mott Auditorium that he wanted to give him as he entered into the last day of fasting… 7/31.

The book was a hard to find book about the founding of the campus by the Nazarenes before Dr. Ralph D. Winter bought it to be used as a center for world mission focused on unreached people groups.

The name of the book was, “The Key Works”!  The cover had a picture of a large mountain on it.

Key. 731. Mountain.

Engle said earlier in the night that “Mott auditorium is a sign and a wonder to something much bigger.”

In response, Lou Engle and friends will be hosting a conference on the campus of the U.S. Center for World Mission at the Mott auditorium Feb 1-2 called “The Wilder Conference.”  It is named after the famous student volunteer mobilizer Robert Wilder and his sister Grace.

If you have been following my family’s story, you know that we faced a dramatic upheaval from our work overseas last year.  We faced great spiritual warfare and heart break as well.  We were supernaturally brought to Pasadena at the beginning of June this year, not knowing that God would be planning any of these things.

Our focus was and still is unreached peoples, the frontiers of mission, and mobilization.  However, we were born in the “fires of revival” ourselves and have been deeply impacted by “The Call” events, even from the very first “Call” held in D.C. in 2000.  Our whole school attended this solemn day of fasting and prayer with our leader, Dr. Michael Brown.  Lou Engle had a large impact on us and many others like us who took part in the Call events.

God is stirring something fresh and new here in Southern California that will touch the nations.

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