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Hi Friends,

As you may have seen I have been offline from the blog for nearly two whole months now.  The reason has been because I have been immersed in some very exciting work here at the US Center for World Mission and beyond.

I am just getting home from three weeks of conference and circuit traveling in Thailand.

Before this I was in St. Louis for a week leading our 14 member team for Urbana 2012.

Sunrise in Bangkok

Sunrise in Bangkok

The months before Urbana were spent in preparation for these events as well as doing some research on the history of the US Center for World Mission and the role of intercessory prayer in its formation.

In the coming days I will share more about what God has been doing to align what I feel are two of the most key movements coming out of North America; the prayer movement and the frontier mission movement.

I will also begin writing more about the insights I have been getting concerning outreach in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

I have some incredible testimonies that I want to share with you.  Two of the testimonies have to do with the dead being raised in Jesus’ name by the prayers of common every day villagers. I personally recorded these stories on my recent trip.

This blog will began to be focused more on recording mission insights, stories, and happenings as the US Center and the Prayer Movements begin to converge and partner together to see a new missions movement emerge from America to unreached people groups.

My personal ministry updates are now being written for my supporters on my new USCWM page.  If you are a supporter, please be sure to visit and book mark our new site.  Through this site, you can support our ministry through secure and easy to use online donations.

I look forward to writing more of my reflections on Spread The Flame in the coming weeks and months.  We are entering into some very exciting times.

2012 will be remembered as both a year of survival, testing, and massive transition for us personally.  But we are more confident than ever that everything we have learned and experienced has custom made us for where we are now.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of our missions work.

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