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Yemen is a nation that is heading for a “super storm” of converging circumstances that will affect the nation if decisive action is not taken to change the situation.

The nation, said to be founded by Noah’s son Shem and home to the Queen of Sheba- mentioned in Scripture, needs a Savior and it needs global prayer.


Here are 3 critical areas facing Yemen.

One of the world’s highest birthrates

  • Population has tripled since ’75
  • One of the world’s youngest populations
  • The future of any nation is its young people
  • What do young people do when they can’t find purpose or work?

Use of the narcotic “qat”

  • Over 80% of the adult population chews it
  • Nearly 40% of the national economy is involved in its production
  • An estimated 20 million working hours a day are spent chewing it
  • 55% of all water usage is devoted to the production of “qat”

Running out of water

  • Yemen is one of the most water-scarce countries in the world
  • Most of the countries rising militancy is a conflict over resources
  • Leaky pipes waste 60% of water in urban areas
  • Finding water takes the whole family away from work
  • The capital city Sanaa may be the first capital city to actually run out of water

In addition to running out of water, estimates say that by 2017 Yemen will cease earning income from its oil reserves.  

When we consider the “Great Commission”, Yemen could be considered one of the “hardest darkest” places, yet there are still a few people in our generation laying down their lives for the Yemeni people because of love.  

We know for certain that there are hospitable and peace loving people who make up the nation’s core.  There are “people of peace” who will be open to someone coming as a representative of the “prince of peace.”  Luke 10:2

Pray for Yemen.

 Compiled from a prayer gathering at the USCWM, presented by D. Dorr.  Stats from Operation World by Jason Mandryk and a Christian Science Monitor article by Laura Kasinof, Nov. 5th, 2009

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