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For the last couple of months it could seem that I’ve “gone off the grid” concerning the blog and giving regular updates.

The reality is that my mind and my life has been going much faster than my ability to chronicle it all online. So much has been going on in our lives.  I hope to share more as things unfold.

I’ve also been spending alot more time with my family.  Since we began our homeless odyssey in May of this year life has been a little crazy for us.

We finally have a place of our own again and have been re adjusting to our new homeland.  I am happy to say that we are all doing well.


Los Angeles Skyline

Now that things are settling down a bit, it is my desire to turn some of my focus back to writing again.

So, what have I been up to lately?

Since arriving at our new assignment at the US Center for World Mission I have been getting involved and filling in any gap that I can find, making myself useful wherever possible, and getting to know my incredible co workers.

One of the projects our team has been working on is the relaunch of our ministry web site which we hope will go live very soon.  In order to add some momentum to the project I wrote some of the new copy and helped beta test some new features.

Soon, we will have a personal site linked to this ministry site where all of our supporters can stay up to date with us in a very easy and personal way.

Urbana 2012

I was selected to head up our team that will be representing both USCWM and Perspectives at Intervarsity’s Urbana 2012 conference this year in St. Louis.  This conference only happens every three years and is probably the largest student missions mobilization conference in America.

Over 20k students attend as well as most of the major missions ministries in North America.

It was a great honor to be selected to lead and it has always been a dream of mine to just even go.


I am planning to return to Thailand right after the beginning of the New Year.  I will once again join hundreds of leaders from the B-hist majority world who are seeking to make Jesus famous among their own people.

This year I will be returning with the man who I met at this meeting last year for the first time, the man who God used to invite me to work with the US Center for World Mission, Dr. Greg Parsons.

I hope to reconnect with my friends as well as make some connections with key leaders in the country who I believe God will use to bring a great movement of Thai people to Jesus.


I am still reflecting on all that has happened this year with our family.  It really is a miracle to us that we are here in California and thriving in our new assignment despite the many obstacles and hardships we’ve faced.  We couldn’t do it without God’s amazing grace and a committed team of people behind us.

We are still on the journey of building that team from the ground up after having lost the majority of our financial support after we returned home from Thailand.

Many have wondered about this story, but we have felt it best to forget those things that are behind and press forward for thing that God is calling us onward and upward for in Christ Jesus.

The Lamberts are back on the grid and we, by God’s grace, are staying on mission.


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