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Before I joined the staff of the US Center for World Mission, I had already been impacted by the writings of Dr. Ralph D. Winter and the work of the Center.

Sixteen years ago, in a “chance” encounter in Okinawa Japan, I was given a “Perspectives” book and other books about unreached people groups. The person giving them to me said, “We don’t know what you will end up doing with your life, but we feel led to give you these books.”

That encounter set me in a trajectory that has kept me true to the vision and sent me to the other side of the globe and back to actually serve here at the ground zero of where it all began.

What an honor and privilege to serve the legacy that Dr. Winter left for us. Take the time to watch this video about his life and be inspired.

Ralph D. Winter Tribute from U.S. Center for World Mission on Vimeo.

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