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The U.S. Center for World Mission

Before I joined the staff of the US Center for World Mission, I had already been impacted by the writings of Dr. Ralph D. Winter and the work of the Center. Sixteen years ago, in a “chance” encounter in Okinawa Japan, I was given a...

The “Sifting”

Many times “sifting” is used to separate useful products from non useful ones.  We can be sifted as people in a way that brings a season of trial and difficulty.  Organizations can be sifted.  Leaders can be sifted. When we are sifted, we can really better...

Burn Like a Fire in Me

Bethel Music just released their latest album, “For the Sake of the World.”  I love this title track.  Gonna be my theme song this year.   There is a furnace that drives passion for mission. I call it the fire of God. It is a passion in us to see his glory...

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