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What happens when a broken world slams into your comfortable life?  This is the picture that author Jeff Goins attempts to paint in his first book, “Wrecked: When A Broken World Slams Into Your Comfortable World.”

Jeff has been on staff at Adventures in Missions with Seth Barnes for many years and speaks to us from his own personal experiences as well as from a variety of other people he has come in contact with who have been “Wrecked” for the ordinary, mundane, and the status quo.

Jeff calls us to something higher and bigger than ourselves. In this book, he articulates what drives a man or woman to become a missionary.  It is summed up in this this one word: “Wrecked.”

But he goes beyond the typical missionary to point out atypical stories of every day folks who are deliberately putting themselves in positions that will knock them securely out of their comfort zones.

He gives us a clear definition of what it means to be Wrecked:

to be wrecked is to be disabused of the status quo.

Disabused means to be convinced that an idea is wrong.  Sometimes we need to jarred in order to be convinced enough to change.  Seeing and experiencing the incredible needs of a broken world up close and personal is one way that can open our eyes.

One of my favorite quotes from the book is…

This isn’t mere altruism or sympathy; it’s more than a tax write-off or publicity stunt. It’s a shot at living the lives we were meant to live, that the world needs us to live, that we’re scared to live.

He so clearly reminds us that life is not supposed to be comfortable; something that the self help books fail to point out.  Life is not about “finding ourselves,” but as Jesus clearly teaches, it is about “losing ourselves.”

Jeff brings a reality check that doing good costs us something.

Sometimes it feels bad to do good.

He spends the second half the book walking us through what to do after you’ve been “Wrecked.” He deals equally with both the under committed and the over committed.

In my opinion this is a huge need when we are talking about reaching the world.

Many of us have allowed God’s vision and heart to slam into our comfortable worlds.  We have been undone and willing to volunteer despite the pain.  But all too often, we don’t know how to move forward from the experience into something that will make a lasting impact.

This is crucial.

I have seen too many people get “Wrecked” and then get weird.  They get “Wrecked” and then never move past the experience. This is not what it means to get “Wrecked.”

Jeff shows us that we must move into a place of commitment.  This is a huge challenge to our generation.

Speaking of short term missions he says,

Short-term missions are a means to an end. And the end is connection. We are connecting our hearts to the needs of the world. But if that connection doesn’t lead to deeper change—in those serving and being served—it’s pointless. Long-term change and transformation is what we’re going for here.

In regards to being overwhelmed he shows us that sometimes we have to realize that we can’t do it all.  We have to let it go and move on.

Sometimes, the most radical thing some of us can do after getting “Wrecked” is get a job and make some commitments rather than keep chasing a “thrill.”  It is these times of seasoning and apprenticeship, sometimes serving another’s vision, that get us ready for the greater thing that God is ultimately preparing us for.  (for me it was a career in missions work, for you it may be something else.)

So much in this book resonated with me in my own journey of being Wrecked.

There is so much we can glean from the Bible about the experience of being “Wrecked.” Personally, I resonate with the story of Isaiah in Isaiah 6.  It was the power and glory of God that “Wrecked” Isaiah and turned him into a willing volunteer.

I thankful to Jeff for taking the time to articulate the heart of what it means to be a missionary; to give all for the sake of the Gospel and be willing to life in discomfort for the sake of others.

I am also thankful that he took the time in this book, not simply to leave us in the experience, but to walk us through the process of maturity and into a place of longevity and sustained impact for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

Our generation needs more of this balance.  Our generation needs more from new voices like Jeff Goins.

I loved this book.  Get Wrecked Today!

Visit Jeff Goins site today and find out how you can buy the book and get $158 worth of Free stuff.


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