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Moving toward a storm is counter intuitive.  Our natural inclination is self protection.  But there are times where we may be called to go beyond our self protective instincts for the sake of the Kingdom.  God knows where He wants us.  Sometimes it may be right in the middle of the storm.

Many times, God’s wisdom and direction can be the opposite of what seems prudent to the natural mind.  The natural mind may say, “Run, flee, hide!” but God may be saying, “Stand your ground.”  The natural mind may say, “It’s time to pull out” when God is saying, “I brought you here for a purpose.”

His purposes always has to do with people, with redemption.

If we want to be agents of his grace, to fulfill His purposes, we may be called to go toward the storm.

These were some of my thoughts as we prepared to leave Atlanta and head towards the Gulf Coast ahead of Hurricane Isaac.  This isn’t the first time we’ve headed towards a storm when others were heading away from it.  On one occasion we were able to serve people with relief supplies after the storm.  Another time we barely made it out of the airport on our way to Mexico for missions training.

We had to go through it to get to the next place.

Some people have said that the Chinese word for “crisis” is a mixture between the words for “danger” and “opportunity.”  Whether or not that is actually true or just a motivational myth, there is both danger and opportunity in most every crisis we face in life.

We have to learn to manage and lessen the danger through the use of wisdom while maximizing the value of the opportunity.  Sometimes there is no other option but to head toward the storm.

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