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One of the privileges I have had since we returned to America is telling our stories and the stories of people we’ve met along in our journey.  

My friend Ben and I used to talk a lot about the ages we’ve lived in as Americans and what age we are living in today.

We talked about the industrial age, the information age, and the age that we live in today, the inspiration age.

As Westerners we are bombarded with information from all different directions.  We live our lives at a manic pace compared to the rest of the world, and because of that, we miss out on a lot of things that are not on our regular schedules.

We get lots of information, but very little inspiration.

One of the greatest parts of our calling as missionaries is the opportunity to tell stories that most people would never be able to hear otherwise in a average week in America.

We get to share what God is doing to bring nations to Himself.  We get to share a perspective of the faith that few get to hear on a typical Sunday morning.

We get a chance to inspire; not only from the stories we tell, but from the life that we live.

There are different cycles in a missionaries life.  One is being on the field, out in the culture and language, doing the “stuff.”  Another is being back with our friends, sharing the stories, and reporting what God has been doing (see Acts 14 & 15).

Each assignment has its place and is important.

In our personal journey, I have found that sharing our stories is a great honor.  It is a part of our “job description,” if you will.

It brings God glory, stretches people’s thinking, increases faith, and gives a perspective of Christian life that most don’t get a chance to think much about in the course of their busy lives.

We are privileged to be operating in this season right now.

We will be in our new assignment soon and will be back in the “stuff,” but this season of sharing stories and transition has been  a new season where we have been moving from the mindset of “got to” to “get to.”

We will be in and out of North Carolina until the end of August.  We have connection stops planned in Chicago, Florida, Louisiana, and possibly Virginia.

If we haven’t been able to connect with you and share our stories, please be sure to contact us.

We would be honored.



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