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As I continue my “Introductions” series, I am glad to be able to introduce you to a small but powerful force in global missions today, the Frontier Mission Fellowship.

We are also happy to announce to you that Jacqueline and I have recently been honored to be accepted on staff with the FMF!  You will soon see why.

The FMF as it is known is the team behind some of the best of the best missions ministry coming out of the Western world and beyond.

They are an “order” of people who have chosen to live sacrificially to see the Gospel…

“unleashed and unhindered so that the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.”

This isn’t just some slogan, this is serious business.

Some of the men and women working with the FMF have been trained in high levels of education before giving up their own passions to pursue God’s global purposes.

They have sacrificed for DECADES and have the hard earned “patina” of trust on their lives and ministries.

The mission of the FMF is to serve the nations by

“identifying barriers and pursuing solutions toward Kingdom breakthrough”

Their goal is to fill in the critical gaps that exist in missions work in our generation.  This mission fits right into the path and vision that God has been leading us down in our cross cultural journey.

The members are committed to living lives that are strategic, innovative, humble, & authentic.

Check out some the incredible ministries that are out of the FMF.  

The US Center for World Mission –

A catalyst among God’s people, advancing strategic breakthroughs among the frontiers of mission. Called by many the “pentagon of missions.”  The campus houses lots of exciting ministry and one of the best missions research libraries in the world and is a hub for returning missionaries.

The Guild –

A unique mentoring program that helps prepare people for work among the frontiers of mission through a real life practical immersion experience in the US before being sent overseas.  Members are trained in how to engage communities of the unreached in an effective way and plant new communities of believers among them.

Perspectives –

A missions movement awakened at present over 130k people to God’s global purposes and their part in it.  I wrote about Perspectives in a recent post.  You should find a course near you and take it!  It will change your life.

Mission Frontiers –

The only publication of its kind that helps keep the church focused on the frontiers of God’s mission.  You should subscribe to their RSS now that they are online!  Their rich content goes all the way back to the 80’s!

William Carey Library –

Publishing missions focused books since 1969, the WCL is the only publishing company of its kind in the world!  Order some of their books and get awakened to God’s mission.  I just ordered a book called “Sixteen Seasons” and it was a great read about an American family’s life in Tajikistan.

William Carey International University –

Raising up strategic higher level leadership focused on solving the root issues of the countries where they serve.  Once the student identifies a problem that they feel needs to be solved, they work on researching and writing their proposals at a Masters or Phd level.  Folks from India, Africa, and beyond are currently enrolled.

The Roberta Winter Institute –

Working to bring light to the aspect of the mission of God that includes “destroying the works of the devil” which Dr. Winter said included eradicating diseases at the pathogen level.  Awesome ministry just beginning to develop.

Joshua Project –

The largest and most comprehensive cataloguing of unreached people groups in the world.  Nothing else like it in the world available to the public. It includes maps and stats that give a clearest picture we have ever had about the unfinished task of the Great Commission.

International Society For Frontier Missiology –

Promotes high level thinking and sharing of insights on an international level in the area of missiology oriented with a focus on the unfinished task of world evangelism.  Missiologists (those who focus on missions studies) write their thoughts and findings and share them with their influential peers.


A super unique one year mentor led course that offers 36 hours of college credit as students study the scope of history integrated with social sciences, world religions, missiology and theology.  It sets the base for the student to be involved in God’s global purposes no matter what field they choose as a career.

Global Prayer Digest –

Take your daily prayer and devotional time to a whole new level as you learn about unreached people groups and how to pray for them with this very well done prayer digest.  Check out what they offer and get in on it!

World Christian Foundations –

This is a very cool 32 semester credit hour master’s study program or a 48 semester credit hour undergraduate study program, that can be studied anywhere in the world with a qualified face-to-face mentor.  It invades a “liberal arts” curriculum, and invests in it a global, mission perspective.

Many other ministries were influenced by or birthed out of the FMF’s influence.

I hope you were able to get a good overview of what they are about and how their work as affected global missions since 1976.  Next up, we will share how we were accepted to be a part of this movement.





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