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I know we live in a new world, a world where we only have a few minutes to engage.


So I wanted to try and give you my own overview of missions in just a minute.


Here is how I see it off the top of my head.

    • The War is On, God Himself is on a Mission
    • Abraham Called: “Blessed to be a Blessing to All Nations”
    • Israel called to be a light to the nations
    • Jesus destroys the works of the devil, sets the captives free, inaugurates the Kingdom
    • Commissions his church to do the same
    • Local Church as a “house of prayer for all nations.”
    • Matthew 28: 18-20 perpetual for all generation, extending to all nations
    • Every believer is invited to join God on mission
    • Some are specifically set apart and sent to cross cultures and languages
    • Matthew 24:14: “panta ta ethne”- to all the people groups and the “end times.”
    • Jesus purchased men for God with his blood
    • He has yet to receive the “reward of his sufferings.”
    • We are to hasten the day of the Lord by playing a part in Matt 24:14
    • It will happen: Rev 5:9, 7:9
    • But it hasn’t yet!
    • There are a few main frontiers of missions left.
    • We have all of the resources in the global church
    • We don’t have the focus…yet.
    • Someone has to wave the banner and rally the troops in each generation.
    • Now is a new generation.

Do you have questions on this?  Which part don’t you get?  Weigh in down in the comments.

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