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The day after my wife’s car accident in Thailand, we were called to the local police station to begin the long process of walking through the details of the accident.

During one of our times there, the Buddhist police man said something that stopped us in our tracks.

“It was surely the hand of God that kept those two from being killed.”

Then he showed us a video that was caught by CCTV in front of the 7-11.  As we watched it, we could see how very close our injured friends and us had come to something much more tragic.

After the case was settled, amazingly, the police chief wanted me to have the tape so that we could show people how God saved us and those involved.

I have held this tape until we felt a little more healed in our souls and our friends were fully healed in their bodies.

To think of what could have been for us and our friends involved, gives us serious pause.  But even now, like then, we know that it is “the hand of God” that has kept us and will keep us.

Here is the video from that day:

Though their injuries were severe, both father and daughter involved in the accident have fully recovered.

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. Psalm 107:1

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