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Disturbing news articles from many news sources such as Daily Mail and CNN, have recently come out about a Taiwanese man of British citizenship was caught in Thailand with boxes of roasted human fetuses that were to be used for religious purposes.

Covered in ceremonial gold leaf, they were said to be sold for a high price and used to bring their owners prosperity and luck.

This macabre finding is made even more hiddeous by the fact that the man could only face up to one year in jail and only a $60 fine!

I’m sure if you have heard of this story, there are many questions about why this is taking place in the world.

In a short answer, because this world is presently in spiritual darkness and under the dominion of evil until Jesus returns.  This is just one of many examples of this reality.

Beyond understanding this present darkness, there are some key cultural issues that I want to point out.

Guman Thong/Kuman Tong

This is clearly a Guman Thong/Kuman Tong (Golden Child) cult that is popular, not only with Chinese backgrounds, but also in Thailand.  I mentioned it before in my article, “Most of Thailand is Not Truly Buddhist.”

The baby’s were said to have been ‘roasted” or blackened just like the Guman Thong idol that is on the shelves of many businesses and homes in Thailand.  It is covered in gold leaf as a type of offering.  This is also done to Buddha images here in Thailand as a way of making merit.

Plastic Idol Versus Flesh

The fact that it is real human flesh attracts the demonic power of the spirits that are attached to the the one doing the incantations over it.

The Gumon Thong web site explains it this way,

This type of working in necromancy is referred to as Fetishism in which the spirits or energies of the dead are manipulated by, bound to or contained in objects. This differs from incantation in which the necromancer uses chant or mantra to take control of and shape the ambient energies of his art to produce an occult effect.

Necromancy is a universal practice of great antiquity, only the profoundly initiated should attempt as it is without doubt the darkest and most dangerous forms of black magic, something history has taught us numerous times.

Though Buddhism is not often thought of as a religion that practices magic, in such communities as those found in Thailand and Cambodia, there can be no doubt that Buddhism shares common ground with belief systems that are primarily associated with the use of magic.

When Buddhism first arrived in these areas it came into contact with pre-existent traditions that believed in spirits, both benevolent and malevolent.

The religious traditions of Thailand have always included the belief in spirits and the ability to manipulate them by means of magic.

The Guman Thong idol is said to be jealous of other children.  Its owners placate it with daily food offerings and toys.  Friends, truth is stranger than fiction.  I have seen this with my own eyes in many different places here in Thailand.

Why Come To Thailand?

So, the question remains.  Why did this man and his “boss” come into Thailand many times over the course of the last few years, presumably to get their supply for Taiwan and other places?

None of the news papers who ran this story had any information on the source of the fetuses.  They would not release it to the public simply saying it was “unclear where they came from.”  I would assume because of the shame associated with this type of find, we might never know.

Could the potential of a supply in Thailand have anything to do with something akin to the gruesome discover not very long ago of over 2,000 fetuses found in a Thai Buddhist temple?

Everyone in Thailand knows that there are pracitcioners of the “dark arts” within the national religion.  The Guman Thong web site ( I will not link to it) also says,

“The Thai Sangha (Buddhist priesthood) itself traffics heavily in magic.”

The question though remains, “Is Thailand a supply location for the practice of these hideous and demonic dark arts?”

How Will This Be Stopped?

And Thailand is a supplier, what will they do to stop it?

I would suggest starting by

  • Increasing the penalty for this type of crime dramatically!  2,000 baht and up to one year is a joke!
  • Secondly, stop being afraid to expose the sources of these things and bring everything into the light so that it cannot hide any longer.
  • People of true faith can pray for Thailand and its leaders both in the government and religious communities to take a stand against these things publicly rather than simply hoping they would go away.

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