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Today was our final court date.  We were both very nervous but also eager to get the day behind us.  Both of us didn’t sleep very well last night.  Since February 24th, we have faced some of the most difficult and trying times of our lives.

But now this situation is finally and officially closed.

Jacqueline was given six months driving probation and released from bail.

The injured family has received the compensation they were seeking and more from both us and our insurance company.

We are thankful that this is now behind us and we are relieved and ready to move forward.

Digging Deep

At each step of the process, we have had to dig deep in both prayer and faith to make it through.

We have experienced great waves of emotions, even tasting terror like never before in our lives.

We could not have been this strong without the ongoing and constant prayers from our friends, family, and precious supporters.

Through this, we were able to be an example and witness of Jesus to the injured family.

Recovery and Witness

Little Jomkwan is back in school and doing very well with no lasting affects.  Her father, Sutaan, is fully recovering and recently was able to get his teeth completely fixed.

The family has received the gifts of the Word of God, Bible books, dresses, toys, and other things that we gave to them.  They received our prayers and the Thai visitors from our local church who came to see them and give their testimony.

They also received the scholarship gift that we gave to Jomkwan for her future education.  This gift was done to go above and beyond what the family was asking for.  It was a culturally necessary part of showing proper remorse, but not expected.

Sutaan’s father comforted Jacqueline telling her that the family had no hard feelings at all.  They know that it was an accident and that she should be comfortable in her heart from now on.

Miracles and The Hand of God

We were able to be a witness to the main police investigator sharing with him the Gospel message.  He even went so far as to say that surely it was “the hand of God” that kept Sutaan and Jomkwaan from being hit by those two tour busses.  He said it was surely a miracle.  He showed us lots of favor and kindness.  May God repay him.

Jomkwaan’s grandmother said on the day that Jomkwaan awoke from the coma that it was “like a miracle.”  We told her how many of you were praying for them and that our God did indeed do a miracle.  The night before we had prophesied over her “Talitha Cumi” which is the prayer that Jesus prayed over a little girl who had died.  It means “little girl arise.”

We believed that she would arise, ask for something to drink, want her daddy, and want to go home.  Our grandmother told us that that very next morning this is exactly what happened!  We prayed over Jomkwaan and her family that day publically in Thai in the ICU ward.  It was a testimony to all who were watching and listening.

We later found out that Jomkwaan was taken to a hospital initially after the accident that told the family that they couldn’t help her and that she would going to die.  ( I think we actually gasped when we heard this story!) We did not hear this from anyone until our landlady who had spoke with the family told us weeks later!

We had been praying right after the accident for her that God would only allow “skilled hands” to touch her.  She was moved quickly to the other hospital where she underwent emergency surgery to relieve the pressure on her brain.

Sharing God’s Love and Care

The day we went to visit Jomkwaan in the hospital after she was moved to ICU, Jacqueline had felt that she should buy a “going home” dress for her the night before.  We were excited but nervous to bring it to her.  But when we arrived her mother was there lying in the bed with her as she slept.  We were able to talk to the mother, “Sanup,” and share about our faith in an Almighty Creator God who knew them and loved them deeply.

We were able to tell her like we told the others of how many people around the world were praying for them.  Then we told her that this was Jomkwaan’s “going home dress.”  We said that we were believing God that Jomkwaan would be released the very next day.  Indeed she was released the next day and proudly wore that dress home!

We were able to share with the family’s mediator, a business man and community leader named Anon.  Today I shared with him in Thai how God has always protected us, provided for us, and cared for us.  I told him of the confidence that we have in our God and how it gives us great peace.  I told him that our confidence is not in ourselves but in the one who created us and cares for us.  He invited us to his home this week.

Thank You

Thank you all so much for standing with us.  We truly do believe that our best days are ahead of us.  Although we have been shaken, we are not all!  We are strong and full of faith and confidence in God and his plan for our lives and ministry.

Over the last few months we have tasted of terror, anger, frustration, hurt, lies, and emotional suffering.  

Through your friendship we have also tasted overflowing  joy, peace, comfort, love, and kindness. 

So, much more could be told of this story but I think I will leave it to another post for now. Stay tuned

To God be the glory for what He has done… Hallelujahhhhh!!!!


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