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This is a Thailand Miracle Testimony from this year that you have to hear!

I just finished editing it.

God is moving among the Buddhist world. Are we ready to move with him or will we find ourselves unprepared like some mentioned in the testimony.

Watch and be amazed at God’s work through the Holy Spirit!

You can read more of the story on my original post here.

Two separate teams were involved in reaching out to this lady.  One initially and one who continues with teaching her and her family.  I leave their names out of this post to protect their identities.

I am posting this incredible testimony that I was privileged to shoot and edit, in order to give honor and glory to God who was the author and sustainer of this woman’s faith before any person came to explain and help her understand what was happening and how it related to eternal salvation.

I hope your faith is strengthened by this story, like my own faith has been, and that it helps you become more ready and willing to seek out people like her who have been prepared to hear the Good News of Jesus.

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