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It’s really pretty simple.

We need more of the the green people to focus on helping the red people while they continue to reach out to their own people group.

Who will help us finish the work? We have the manpower and the funds available. But we don’t have enough skilled laborers willing to lay down their personal life agendas for the sake of those who have not yet heard the Good News.

I know we can’t do everything, but we all can do something. We all can play our part in not just reaching others around us but also reaching those far from our own world, those who have little to no access to the Message.

We may not be willing to go ourselves but we can help send someone who is willing and ready, we can play a part in advocacy, we can reach the nations at our own door steps. Each of us can and should play our part in God’s global mission, especially as it relates to the red zones.

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