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Jacqueline’s appearance at criminal court on the 19th went very well.  We were able to solidify our agreement in writing with the family and insurance company.  But the settlement is not yet complete.

Our final court date is May 21st.  Jacqueline is still out on bail, but once she appears before the judge for the final time we believe that she will only get driving probation.

After the court date, it will take some time to have our passports cleared for travel by immigration.

After getting a referral from Zappettini & Bradley, our lawyer worked hard and the insurance company came up dramatically from their first offer.  We believe this is God’s grace working through your prayers and it made a big difference.

Thank you again to all of you around the world who have taken the time to pray for us, write to us, and given generously so far.  We were able to come to an agreement which included a small scholarship to little “Jomkwaan” for her future education.  We did this not only to show remorse (super important in this culture), but also as a strategic move.

We always wanted this horrible accident to turn and become redemptive for the family. Our desire has been to fight for the family and not against them. Thanks to supporters like you, we have given them not only the Word of God, the Good News of Jesus, but also a tangible example of love and care.

We appreciate each one of you so much.

We can’t wait to share the final triumphant ending of this chapter. Thank you for continuing to believe with us!

In our previous posts, we let you know that we needed immediate help to settle the civil case before the court date as well as help with legal fees.  (Based gifts that have come in AND those currently being raised, this need is in the process of being met.  Thank you to those who have helped and those who are currently raising funds!)

Anything is raised in addition to the settlement costs, will be used to help transition us back the States to get help for our son, Aslan.

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