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The beginning of this year started off with a bang and momentum built up steadily until we took a few strong blows which we are still recovering from.

I will take this post to help you understand the events which led up to our recent car accident and then try to breakout what has happened since then.

I appreciate all of our partners who have prayed for us and supported our Thailand missions work throughout this time.  We are stronger because of you.

Here is a break out of all of the incredible things that happened just prior to the accident.


I started off the year meeting with a Thai lady that I met online who had recently returned from America where she had lived for the last twenty years.  “Cataliya” felt that she had to return to Thailand to take care of her ailing parents who were now in their nineties.  Their house was filled with water from the recent floods in Thailand that had killed nearly a thousand people over many months.

Since living in America, Cataliya had become a believer and wanted to know how to better reach her people with the good news of Jesus. She came down to visit us after visiting a nearby province.  On her way to our city her bus was involved in an accident and didn’t come in until 2:30 am.

We were not able to pick her up that night and she stayed in a rowdy guesthouse where she got very little rest.  The next day we picked her up to stay in our home and we spent a few days digging into her incredible testimony and heart.

She became a part of our family and I felt the Lord encourage me to reach out to her again and help equip her for ministry.


During this week, we met with a Cathay Pacific pilot and his wife who were thinking of moving to Chiang Mai.  Although Adam is a pilot by trade, he is an evangelist by calling, and is close friends with the famous NZ evangelist Ray Comfort.

We had a wonderful time encouraging them and sharing our insights on Thailand, Thai culture, and life here.   We left looking forward to seeing their faces in Thailand again soon.


The second week in January, I met with over 200 leaders from all over the Buddhist majority world.  I organized and gathered some of my local friends and partners to be at this meeting along with me.  This was their first time, but my third.

I coordinated worship for the week and our friend did an excellent job leading all of these leaders into the presence of God.  I  was also able to bring in P Ning to share her testimony of how she met Jesus and all of the supernatural things that occured in her life before she was saved.

Everyone sat astonished at the work of the Lord in the life of this Buddhist background believer.


I finished the week off by leading a breakout seminar for leaders that I titled, “The Emerging Potential For Church Planting Movements in the Mekong Region and Beyond.”

The leader of the conference came to me and gave me a lot of encouragement about the direction of our ministry in Thailand.  He said that he feels our team is on the cutting edge of what God wants to do here.

I would later be asked to join the steering committee for this group as a representative of my nation.


I also had the opportunity to meet Greg Parsons who is the Global Director of the US Center for World Mission in Pasadena, CA.

This center which was founded by missions pioneer Ralph D. Winter in the year I was born has been called the “pentagon of missions.”

Greg and I talked about my work in Thailand and for some reason I got deep into my story of how God led me into missions specifically focused on unreached peoples.

It is a long story that I will unpack later, but for now you can see how our time impacted him personally by reading a recent article he published in the magazine “Missions Frontiers.”


The week after the conference I met with local leaders from Canada, South Africa, and those working in Tibetan China who were interested in hearing more about church multiplication movement principles and contextualization.

I met with the video production ministry Create International to discuss a new evengelism teaching video that they are producing and want me to be a part of.

Our team has recently finished shooting a similar training video in Thai and English.


I finished off the week meeting with our local team and developing a ministry that I envisioned many months ago called “HUB Thailand.”  Hub stands for “Harvest, Unite, Believe.”  I bought the domain name and began to develop the site with a guy who just joined our “HUB” team.

The site and logo has just been completed and launched.  Even though I wrote the site’s content and originated the concept of HUB, I removed my own profile because of the spiritual warfare of what I will share with you later in this post.  (I may add my profile to the team page again soon.)

Before this site, I had already started a password protected site to share resources and ideas of like minded folks working in Thailand.  This site is called the “HUB Network” and contains over seventy posts and twelve pages of materials specific to our type of work.

It now has thirty seven local members and was the site that the new site flowed out from.


During this time, our team continued our weekly times of intense prayer and intercession each morning, Tuesday through Friday, from 6-8 am.  These are two solid hours of intense spiritual warfare type prayers and scriptural declarations.

Our key scripture is from Jesus who reminds us, “Unless you first bind the strongman, how then can you go and plunder his goods?”  (Matthew 12:29, Mark 3:27)

We believe that in order to see a movement happen it first has to start and be carried in intense prayer.


The last week of January, a Thai man that I had been sharing with for awhile decided that he wanted to come to church with us.  He came and gave his heart to Jesus.

The Holy Spirit moved gently upon him as his eyes dropped tears.  I began visiting him daily and talking about the Word of God with him.

Boonsong was very excited about the things he had been reading and said to me, “It’s all good, everything in here is good.”  He is continuing in his faith and in attending a local Thai church each week.


That week we joined one of our new HUB team members in his local neighborhood to practice “prayer walking.”  I taught about how this aspect of outreach works and how to engage in tearing down things that are unseen that try to block people from hearing and Gospel and receiving Jesus.

I took our guys into a local temple where we met with the head monk and began to build a relationship with him.

Our battle is not with flesh and blood, I reminded my friends, it is against spiritual forces of wickedness in the spirit.  (Ephesians 6:12) As we walked I demonstrated “binding and loosing” prayer and declaration over the neighborhood.  Afterwards we began to make plans on when we would do an outreach in that local area.


Since she left, I had been speaking with Cataliya about the possibility of coming to visit her province and do some vision casting with leaders there.  I needed to go to Bangkok to meet up with my good friend Freddy D. who was coming into Thailand to settle down and base his ministry after over three years of traveling the world, preaching the Gospel, and building up the persecuted Church.

Vision Casting

Cataliya was able to not only set up a meeting with the local leader, but also with the leader of a network of fourteen churches in and around Thailand and some of his key leaders.

I was excited about going to this very unreached province and seeing what God has in store for us!


Before I left though, our family had recently completed an educational assessment for our youngest son.  The results were back and we met with the team of people who were working with our son.

We were prepared to hear that our son was behind in his development.  But there were some things that came out in our time together that we were not prepared to hear.

After this meeting, we felt “knocked out” for a few days , confused, and without much hope. (Better now!)

Divine Appointments

I did not want to go to the meeting in Central Thailand now, but my wife said that I HAD to go especially since I knew it was a “God thing” before and now I didn’t want to go.  So, I went and it was a “God thing.”

I was able to meet with a great Thai leader and his team and our hearts instantly connected.  As I spoke to him in Thai about things I sensed God was showing me, he got confirmation by the Holy Spirit in tangible physical ways.  It was amazing.

We started talking about ways we could partner together to see church planting/multiplication movements take root in Thailand.

We also had many things in common as to our backgrounds and a like heart for Israel.  We spoke about God’s purposes for the Jewish people and the importance of the “one new man” teaching.  While we talked, I remembered and shared the story of how I felt God call me to name my son “Aslan Judah” as a representation of the importance of this teaching in the last days.

“Aslan” is a Turkish boys name which means “Lion” and “Judah” is where we get the word “Jew” from.  Judah is the tribe that Jesus Christ descended from.  The book of Revelation calls Jesus “the Lion of the tribe of Judah.”  (Revelation 5:5)

My other son’s name means “Brave Overcomer” and his name and its meaning is tied to the last days as well.

My new friends and his leaders prayed intensely for our family to be able to continue our work in Thailand and join them.

Spirit Moving

On Sunday, I also spoke at a local Thai church in this very unreached province.  As I spoke on “Faithfulness” the Spirit of the Lord was moving upon the people.  After my message I laid my hands on every person and prayed and the power of the Holy Spirit moved on them with evidence.

Many wept and were visibly touched.

I left that province with my new Thai friend who took me to Bangkok where he put me up for the night.  We spent time over meals talking about the potential of a Church Multiplication Movement in Thailand.  We were both amazed at how the Lord connected us through Cataliya.

Despite the inital setback, I left Central Thailand with a full heart of faith but also with a horrible case of the “chiggers” on my feet and ankles that ate me up for over a week after!

Bible School

Freddy and I took the train back to Chiang Mai and I began to work to help him get settled into his new home here in Thailand. The very next day, we went to a local Bible school to teach their top five leaders/teachers on Church Planting Movement principles and vision.

My teaching was very well received and new doors to teach the students of the school were now opening to me.


Later the next week, I picked up our friends Dustan and Darlene of the ministry “The Revolutionary Life” and welcomed them back to Thailand for their next phase of ministry.  Their TV show was already reaching people around the world and now they were back from a trip to India and seeking God for what he wants to do in Thailand.

They joined our prayer times in the mornings and we began looking forward to new street level outreaches we would do together.

Focused Prayer

During this week, my wife and I were seeking God about our next steps in life and ministry and concerning the report we received about our son.  We were on two sides of opinion of what we needed to do next.  The battle was raging all around us and we both felt it.

On Friday, Feb. 24th, I spent my regular time in prayer with our partners and had meetings for most of the day to talk about upcoming ministry and future direction.

My wife took the day at home to pray intensely for God to speak to us.  She prayed in the Holy Spirit most of the day and received a very clear revelation from the Lord.  She wrote it down and felt to not only date it, but also to add the time.

The Storm

The teaching was from the story of Jesus and his disciples on the boat in the middle of the storm.  She felt that Jesus was telling her to come down into the boat and rest with him during the storm.  (This is a full story in itself!).

She literally laid down on the couch and worshipped the Lord the rest of the day until he had to get up and get our sons from school.  She was in a state of full and complete peace about the future.

On her way home, she decided to stop at 7-11 so that my oldest boy could get a drink.  She parked in the third lane near the store.  There are no parking lots on this road.  Just two other fast moving 5 o’clock traffic lanes.  S

As she slowly pulled out from the parking lane, that is when it happened.

A motorcycle carrying a soldier and his five year old daughter hit the front right quarter panel of our Nissan Sunny.  The Father was wearing a helmet, the little girl was not.  Two tour buses were not far behind them.

In the next post I will tell the rest of this story.  Over the next coming posts I will try to break out some of these stories even more.


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