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After a full day in prayer, my wife left home to go to our boy’s school to pick up our oldest son.

It was a hot and dusty day so she made a stop at a 7-11 store.  She pulled behind a parked car on the far left lane (parking lane) on the left side of a busy four lane highway separated by a median.

As she was ready to move back out, she checked her mirrors and pulled out from the parking lane and into the left traffic lane.

Suddenly, she heard a thump.

A motor bike rider had hit her front right quarter panel and began veering to the right.  The driver and his bike separated.  He went down and flipped over and over landing on the left side of the furthest lane near the median.  The bike and the second rider, a five year old little girl, slid to the right side of the same lane stopping near the median.

The two large tour busses which were now fast approaching the far right lane slammed on their brakes.

The second bus which was following too close slammed into the back of the first.  The first bus stayed straight through the lane without turning its wheel to the right or the left.

The first bus passed the driver on the left and the child and bike on the right, going straight through a few feet beyond them.

One slight turn to the right or the left would have meant certain death.

As my wife pulled her car up next to the 7-11 again, over eighty Thai bus riders began streaming off of the bus.  Some first responders picked up the little girl and brought her to the sidewalk.

The father was wearing a helmet, but his daughter was not.  Her head began to immediately swell.

I was riding my motorbike coming from a meeting when I received the call from my wife who was now hyperventalating.  I pulled over so I could answer.  Once I received her location I tore down the road to find them.  When I came upon the scene my heart raced wildly.  I jumped off my motorbike and began looking for my family.

Ambulance trucks arrived and took the two injured people off to the hospital.  The police arrived and secured the scene.  I looked up and saw that 7-11 had a cctv camera and knew that everything would be caught on video.

I called my insurance company and our local covering organization.  My local leader sent a Thai man who is a Pastor and soon to be a lawyer to be with us and help us.

The police took our information and told us to return the next day at 4:00 pm at a local police station.

We did not know how hurt the man and his daughter were.

The next 24 hours would be excruciatingly painful for us.  We prayed, we cried, we prayed, we cried some more.

At the police station next day, we would learn that the little girl was now in a coma.  Her father was on a respirator.

We didn’t know much else.  More shaken but resolved to fight in the Spirit for these two, we put the word out to our friends to pray specifically for the little girl and her father.

We prayed, “Talitha Cumi,” which means “little girl arise.”  We believed that she would rise, ask for food, and want to go home.

While at the police station, a date was set about two weeks from this time to revisit the “case” and see if it would be possible to settle everything in the Thai way, which is coming to a settlement arrangement in front of the police, using mediators.

The next day we went to visit her in the ICU and brought gifts.

While we were there, the little girl opened her eyes and rubbed her head.  We were astonished.  

“She’s awake!” we told her grandmother.

“Yes, she woke up this morning.  The doctor did not have to do another surgery. She has been hungry, drinking chocolate milk, and eating boiled rice.  She asked for her daddy and wants to go home!  We prayed for her and her family in front of everyone there in the ICU and blessed her in Jesus’ name.

We later visited her father and found out that he had two broken ribs and a punctured lung. (We actually later found out that he had 9 broken ribs!)  He also had five teeth knocked out and road rash on his face.  This made us even more upset, but we told him that we would certainly continue to pray and believe for his and his daughter’s healing.

When we went to visit the little girl again, we could tell she was getting better but she didn’t want any visitors.  We and our friends kept praying and left a a teddy bear and other gifts with her mom.  The next day we got news that she was moved to the neurology floor to be watched.  We came again to visit and speak with her mother.

The mother was grateful for her daughter to be alive and recovering.  

She related to us that she did not want anything, but only for her daughter to be fully recovered.  We told her that we believe that she not only will recover but that she will be able to go home in the next couple of days!

We told her that God, the Creator, has a plan for her and for the family and that he loves them.  We gave the little girl with a pretty pink “going home” dress that we bought for her in faith and gave the mother some money to help cover her expenses in traveling to and from the hospital.

The next day, the girl was released to go home with her mother!  Her father was moved out of ICU and into a single nicer room although he still had a chest tube and was in pain.

They both continue to recover although their hearts are still mending.  We are mending as a family as well.

As I went back to the police station to take care of some things, the head investigator showed me the cctv video of the accident.  We watched in amazement on how things turned out.  It was a miracle!

The Buddhist police man said that it was “the hand of God” that saved these two.

One turn to the right or two the left and we would have been living out another story, a much more horrible one.  But although this situation is difficult for all of us, we know that we and they have been delivered from something much worse that could have happened.

The story is not over, but we are so thankful for everything God has done so far.

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