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Thai Conversion and Church Growth 2

There was a very important recent study done here in Thailand on factors related to conversion and church growth among the Thai people.   A high level study of this type had not been done since 1982 which was the first time it had ever been done. Some interesting findings came out of the study […]

5 Mistakes In Sending Missionaries 3

Guest Post from Seth Barnes. (Great hard earned insights from a modern missions pioneer) For 24 years I’ve been sending people on short-term missions (STMs) that challenge them to live the kind of life God dreams for them. STMs are great discipleship tools. This year at Adventures, we’ll send out our 100,000th person on an STM. […]

Mistakes in sending missionaries

T4T A Discipleship ReRevolution

T4T Training For Trainers: 13-16

T4T: A Discipleship ReRevolution: An Overview by John Lambert Chapter Thirteen:Your T4T Package: Gospel Presentation A “bridge” can move a person’ heart to listen, but only the Gospel can save them.  Acts 2:21; 4:12; Romans 10-13-17 What is the Gospel? The good news that Jesus Christ provided redemption for us and that we can be saved by […]

2,000 Thai Schools Don’t Have Electricity

Over two thousand schools in Thailand that don’t have electricity and the students who attend these schools will not be eligible to receive the new PC tablets that the government will be handing out to all Grade One students by the end of May 2012.  Even more will be excluded that do not have “adequate […]

Thai schools

T4T Training For Trainers: 9-12

T4T: A Discipleship ReRevolution: An Overview by John Lambert Chapter 9:  “Starting New Generations, Not Just Multiplying Groups” T4T is different than traditional small group multiplication.  Instead of grow THEN multiply, it is launch and repeat.  You don’t wait for a new group to grow before launching new groups out of it. These new groups […]

T4T A Discipleship ReRevolution

T4T Training For Trainers: 1-4 1

T4T A Discipleship ReRevolution  An Overview by John Lambert Chapter 1: “Kingdom Come!” This chapter starts with some impressive stats.  Since its inception in 2001, the CPM initiated by Ying Kai has yielded a conservative number of: 1.7 million baptisms 150,000 new church starts 2,000 new churches started each month in places from high rises […]

T4T A Discipleship ReRevolution

T4T A Discipleship ReRevolution

T4T Training For Trainers: Background

T4T: A Discipleship ReRevolution:  An Overview by John Lambert Background In the world of missions, a new wave of the Spirit of God is moving across nations and people planting churches where there were little to none before.  This phenomenon has been called “Church Planting Movements” or “Church Multiplication Movements.” In the book T4T: A […]

Entrepreneurs As Missionaries

In this video I picked up from the site Missionary Confidential, John Doerr speaks students at Stanford University about how entrepreneurs are like missionaries. He speaks of entrepreneurs being risk takers who are focused on getting rapid scalable change. By definition he says that they do “more than anyone thinks possible, with less than anyone […]