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Our friends and coworkers in the Gospel, Dustan and Darlene Stanley, have recently arrived back to us here in Thailand after a trip back to the US.

But not until they first got their reality TV show, The Revolutionary Life, picked up by JCTV.

It’s now being broadcast weekly to a global audience.

When I first met Dustan and Darlene I knew that we were supposed to meet.  At that time, the show was still just an idea in progress and they were working hard to make it a reality.

One day after being in Chiang Mai for just a short time, I was needing to just get out of the house and away from all of the issues that can be associated with moving our family and unpacking.  We had recently moved from the Northeast of Thailand.

I drove my car down to the center of town of our new town, Chiang Mai, and looked for a place to park.  I circled around a certain area for awhile until I finally found a spot.

Once I parked, I took off walking not knowing where I was going but I decided to take a left at the end of the street in front of the city gate.  After walking for a minute or so, right in front of me I saw Dustan and Darlene walking toward me!  

I stopped them and introduced myself.  Dustan and I had exchanged an email or two but had never met in person.

I put them in my car and we got a pizza together for lunch.  From that day forward we have been great friends.

I really admire this couple because they have a strong heart for missions and a vision for mobilizing new workers for the world. But even more than this, they also have done everything in faith to make the vision come to life and succeed.

They have persevered until their hard work paid off.  And they are just getting started!

The tedious work of shooting and editing this unscripted look into their journey has been their own labor.  They are super hard working and passionate for getting the message of  “global missions” out to a new generation.  I am honored to call them friends.

Below is the first of many episodes to come.  It’s a great intro called: “Welcome To the Mission Field.”

Be sure to check out their site The Revolutionary Life and Like their Revolutionary Life Facebook page.

Then let us know what you think below.

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