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Update: Click here for part of this lady’s testimony in her own words.

I have to tell you this testimony while it is fresh on my mind from today.  It is an incredible witness to how God Himself is at work to bring Buddhist people to know his son Jesus Christ.

Today I was meeting with my ministry partner at a local restaurant to discuss some preliminary goals that we needed to accomplish before the end of the year related to our overall outreach and training plan.  We were encouraging each other by sharing what we sense that God is doing in us and through us and what we are believing Him for in regards to Thailand coming to know Jesus.

The verse and saying that has become our mantra of sorts is Luke 10:2, “The Harvest Is Ready.”

Just as we were wondering what could happen here in Thailand, a friend who works here in Thailand came up and thanked us for sharing with a group that he was a part of last week.  We had spoken to a network of fellow missionaries on some fresh insights as to what is happening in Thailand and what we feel needs to happen in order to see a movement begin here.  We didn’t know it then, but we were speaking some things that was confirming the amazing experience he and his team were already having as they made the decision to step out of the four walls and engage the people more than they had done before.

He began to tell us about how he and some of his guys have been going out to a certain village and moving from house to house, meeting with people.  He and his wife had met a Thai lady who he was having small talk with when she asked him “What do you do?  Why are you really here”?  He replied, “I am a Bible teacher.  I love to teach God’s Word and help people to understand it for themselves.”

The lady said something to the affect of, “Everyone in my village thinks I am a crazy woman.  I want to tell you about the experience that I have had.”  She was thinking that this man and his wife might think she was crazy too.

Seeking Answers. Is anyone listening?

First she told of a dream where a tall man appeared to her.  He looked “foreign” and had long flowing hair.  He said to her, Halle…Halle (she was trying to pronounce what the man had said to her).  Finally she said, “He said ‘Hallelujah’.”  “I don’t know what that means though.” she told our friend.

She went on to tell about how her son was sick, nearly dying.  One day while she was meditating at home, “a Spirit or an angel” spoke to her and told her that she place her hands on her son, and that He would heal him.  Though she didn’t understand, she obeyed and her son was healed and is completely well to this day.

The Spirit then told her to get rid of all of her idols and “sacred” things and that he would protect her and her son.  So she took everything and put it outside of her house.  This is why her neighbors thought she was going crazy.  She was told that eventually someone would come to her and tell her about Him more fully.  She then said to our friend, “I guess that person is you.”

Our friend tried to tell the lady more about Jesus, but he thought that she should also have a Bible so he gave her one.  She said that she was not a good reader and asked for one on audio.  He began searching all over town for an audio Bible and finally found one. When he returned to the woman and excitedly told her about what he found, she said, “Oh, that’s ok, I have already read up until this point (pointing to the Book of Romans).  She had read from Matthew to Romans in one sitting through the night!  She was supernaturally enabled to read God’s word.

She questioned the missionary about a story in the book of Mark where a boy was possessed by a spirit.  She though that she might have that same problem, because the Spirit inside of her told her things about people.  She said that she knew many things about different people at different times.  The missionary, who is from a conservative Christian background, questioned her deeper about it asking for examples.

She then said, “For instance I know things about her.” (pointing to the Thai Christian woman who had accompanied them to visit this woman’s home).  The lady then began to tell her things about her present, past, and internal feelings about what had happened in this lady’s life that no one could have known naturally.  This lady then began to speak words of comfort and encouragement to her telling her in essence that the Spirit inside of her knew what she had gone through and had compassion on her.  The Thai Christian lady was deeply impacted.

The missionary then decided to call in a solid local Thai pastor who visited the lady to “test the spirit.”  He came away concluding that this woman surely did know Jesus though she had not known his name until the time the missionary and his wife came to fully explain.  The Thai pastor then took time to teach the woman the Word of God from noon until late into the night.  She received his teaching and so he invited her to attend church.

She eventually was asked not to return to the church service because she was praying in tongues during the worship and causing a “disturbance.”  Our friend and his team decided instead to bring the church to this lady and started a meeting in her home where they are now helping her to know God more fully.

I know there is may be more to this story, but I am telling it from memory, how it was told to me today.

Isn’t this an incredible story?!

It came from someone I would consider a very solid Christian leader who belongs, not to a Charismatic or Pentecostal group, but to a fairly conservative denomination.  For us, it was so amazing how this story came to us at the very moment we were talking to each other before God about finding these types of people.  Scripture, in Luke and Matthew 10, calls these people “sons of peace.”  We call them “people of peace.”  They are the people that God himself has prepared to not only hear the Word, but also open their area up for the Gospel to come in and the Kingdom of God to be established.

I marvel at the ways of our God and I am so encouraged to hear of how he put this very supernatural testimony right in front of a group of believers who come from a traditionally conservative background.  They did not blink, but did the right thing, and tested the spirit to see whether it was God or not.  They even got a second opinion and still believed that this is surely God Himself at work.

All of the elements of the supernatural was in effect in this woman’s testimony.

A foreign looking man in older style clothes/robes (Jesus or an angel?) appears in a dream and speaks “Hallelujah”, God moves upon her and she feels warm all over, finds her son, lays her hands on his head and her is healed!  The same Spirit instructs her to remove her idols and sacred things, strengthens her during persecution from her neighbors, fills her with praise, gives her supernatural gifts including prophecy, tongues, and the Word of Knowledge, and tells her to wait for the one who will come and explain to her more fully about who He is to her.

A missionary and his team who have just begun to venture out of their own fellowship and into the streets is the one chosen to meet this lady at her home.  It doesn’t immediately come out who they are and what they have come to do.  But she herself presses them and it leads into her sharing her powerful testimonies.  This Thai lady, like most Thai people, is not interested in reading. but is instructed to read once the missionary leaves to find her a Bible on CD.  While the missionary searches for an audio Bible, she ends up reading all the way from Matthew to Romans in one night session.  She does not fit into the local Thai church culture, so God instructs his ministers to start a church in her home.

What happens next will be very dependent on how this group has prepared itself.  They could either rejoice over this one testimony and group that has been started or train this lady and those who come after her to start a movement!

Friends, truth is stranger than fiction sometimes.  If I wanted to make up a story like this, I couldn’t do this good of a job!  This is an amazing encouragement to me and our team.  I believe that anyone who is going outside of “the four walls” or making plans to go out and “seek and save that which was lost” among the Thai people should be highly encouraged that they need to step up their plans and move out as quickly as possible.  Those of you who pray for the Thai people should find great encouragement to keep it up!  And those of you who are skeptical should remember that a man with an experience is never at the mercy of a man with a good argument!

God is at work and He is calling us to join Him.  What an amazing privilege!  Luke 10:2, “The Harvest is Ready.”  But are we?

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