Francis Chan in San Francisco

Fresh from time spent on a spiritual pilgrimage and ministry here in Asia, author and speaker Francis Chan has moved to San Francisco in order to bring the Gospel to the people of the “Tenderloin” district working in conjunction with a ministry called San Francisco City Impact.

His heart and passion for what he senses God calling him and his team to do shines through in this video. I love his strategy and emphasis of going to the people of their city.

I look forward to seeing what God accomplishes through him and his team as they break paradigms and bring the power and love of Jesus to people in California.  There is lots of room for the Gospel to break out into the streets, businesses, and apartment buildings of my home country!  Agree?

Here is the video where he shares the vision. 

Here is the video that I shot of him speaking here in Thailand.  I had the chance to speak with him in person and found him to be a super genuine, sincere, and humble man.  His family is awesome too!

What do you think of Francis Chan and the new direction he is taking in this type of church planting ministry?

Here Are A Few Others Of Interest...

  • myung

    amazing!! i want to be part of this!!!

  • Keith Cummings

    I would love to help out. I am life long bay area resident and live in Antioch Ca and love what Francis is all about. I do not attend most churches because I do not feel most are preaching the word correct. I want to learn more and be more with God. I agree with Francis teaching and I would love to help. Let me know if your interested. I am just one man , nothing special but I would like to help. Thanks


  • KingsAdvocate

    God is Love & direction of spreading God’s word is amazing!!
    I would definitely would love to serve or witness this!!

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