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Many people who think Thai food think about the famous Thai noodles, “Phad Thai.”  They may think that Phad Thai is the national dish of Thailand, but if you judge by what is actually eaten from the street stands, it’s not.

I have been told by my friends that the one food everyone orders, myself included…without having to think about it, is Phad Khrapaow or Stir Fried Thai Basil.

It usually comes in Chicken or Pork, with or without a fried egg on top, and always over plain white rice.

Thai people call Phad Khrapaow the “food without having to think” or something like “อาหารไม่ได้คิด”.  You can order it at just about any road side stand that has a wok.

I eat it a few times a week on average.

Next time, you are visiting a Thai restaurant in the West, try it.  The meat may be a little nicer and not as chopped up, but hopefully it will have the same flavor.

If you are in Thailand, you haven’t really eaten Thai food until you have eaten the “food without thinking.”

Real Thai Food: "Pad Khrapaow Kai" Straight From the Local Street Stand

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