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I just received this email from a couple that I spent time ministering with in Isaan (Northeast Thailand) recently.

Hi John, You may recall when you visited us a few months ago, we prayed for a man (Paw ***) who had had a stroke. He is much better now, walking around, his speech is still slurred, but his faith is strong.

While we were at his house another man came over to see us.  Khun ** had become a believer when we first began working in the village four years ago. But he was an alcoholic and seemed unable (or unwilling) to escape his addiction.

We had prayed for him many times, and for a time there was an improvement, he got a job. But he dropped out of attending the House church meeting about 2 years ago, though we invited him to come every time we saw him.

When you visited with us you had a prophetic word for him along the lines of “This was his last be free”.

Sadly we learned last week that he was dead, run over by a truck while crossing the road at night (reportedly drunk).

We had seen him a week before as we were heading to the church meeting and invited him to attend, but he didn’t come. I feel sad for ** (and his believing wife, Mae **), but I marvel at God’s grace.

It’s not God’s will that anyone perishes but if we stubbornly choose destructive lifestyles, death will come. But such amazing grace that the Lord seeing Op’s death coming, warned him one last time through you.

All I can say is “Wow.”  This is very sobering thing for me.  It reminds me that Spiritual gifts like the word of knowledge  are never to be taken lightly.  They are the means through which God can communicate a “now” word to a person.

They are meant to show mercy and give people the help that they need for that particular moment in their lives.

I remember laying hands on this man and praying over him, breaking the spirit of addiction in Jesus’ name.  I then told him that he has the chance to be free but he must make the choice.

I really did tell him that this was his last chance.

I remember feeling very sober when I said it.  Not knowing him or his extended story at all before this time of prayer, I remember that it was uncomfortable to “go there” with a stranger.

God is merciful.  He wants to speak.  We must be willing to hear and obey.

Please lift his believing wife in prayer after you read this and pray for all the people like him in Thailand who are struggling with addictions that will ultimately be their demise unless they get freedom.

If you are struggling with addiction of any kind, call out to Jesus Christ.  He has the power to set you free and keep you free for life.  But you have a free will.  It’s your choice.

John 8:36


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