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Here are the best tweets so far from the recent Desiring God National Conference , Finish the Mission.  

I took the liberty of collecting some of the best quotes and posting them here for you guys and gals.

The conference, hosted by @JohnPiper, featured key missions speakers like Ed Stetzer, Michael Oh, David Platt, Michael Ramsden, and others.

Through 140 characters or less, you can get a quick taste of what was being said through the lives of these men of faith and let it stir you like it did me.

First up…

Ed Stetzer:

  • Jesus’ ministry is linked to serving the marginalized. But actions are distractions if we forget to seek & save the lost.
  • We must preach justice but it will never be complete until we preach Jesus.
  • Churches will look different wherever it’s taking place but they shouldn’t get distracted from Gospel centrality.
  • Hold your church models loosely and your Gospel firmly.
  • Styles of music & clothes don’t much matter. Repentance & reconciliation really matters.
  • The “how” of missions is shaped by the who, when, and where of the culture.
  •  Contextualization is not making the Gospel palpable, but making the Gospel understandable
  •  There are more than 584 unengaged, unreached peoples in North America.
  •  The majority of church goers are not engaged in any meaningful ministry. They come for the show.
  •  We must do justice, but it’s not complete unless we preach Jesus & we can’t preach Jesus faithfully unless we’re doing justice.
  •  We can’t love Jesus and not love the nations.
  •  Don’t trivialize the Great Commission by ignoring the nations.
  •  If I blog about controversy, lots of interaction. If I blog about missions & the nations, readership plunges.
  •  Don’t let your church be a cul de sac on the great commission highway.
  •  There is an ethno-linguistic thread throughout all of Scripture. God sent Israel out to the nations.
  •  We’re all sent, the only question is where and among whom.
  •  All Christians are called to live on mission. We are all sent – & are called to live in light of that mission.
  •  We are SENT. John 20:21
  •  One of the greatest problems in church planting is getting people to leave good churches.
  •  Too many Christians want to be customers/consumers of their church.
  •  We need congregations full of people who will quit being customers and start being missional, Spirit-empowered co-laborers.
  •  One thing you can do today. Say, “Jesus, here I am–send me. Spirit, give me power.
  •  Short-term missions done right: Leave behind connections that strengthen the cause of the gospel.

David Platt:

  • Short term missions done right is a key part of my discipleship. 2% of a year there transforms the other 98% here.
  • Short-term missions done right: launches people into evangelism & missions. Makes a difference at home & longterm faraway.
  • Short-term missions done wrong: Hurts the cause of the gospel, or return home unchanged, ho-hum back to normal life.
  • Being born into an unreached people group means you will likely live and you will die without hearing the gospel.
  • I want all my people to be goers, taking the gospel to those who don’t believe. The question is; near or far.
  • As you are totally surrendered to him and abiding in Him he will fulfill his purpose for you
  • There are 2.5 billion people in the world who have enough knowledge of God to damn them to hell. We must go to them.
  • Problem: the innocent guy in Africa does not exist!
  • Why must we go with such urgency? The Gospel is ENOUGH to rescue them to Heaven.
  • I have absolutely no record of you doing anything wrong” -God <- that is a scandal.
  • We have a scandalously merciful savior – Is 6:6-7
  • “We played a hell of a game.” The way we talk about Hell shows we have no idea what we’re talking about.
  • Our problem is not that we’ve made some bad decisions. We are, at the core, cut off from God…and destined for Hell.
  • OT trash talk: Is 36:18-20; God responds: Is 37:26-29
  • There is no equal to our God: Isaiah 40:18; 45:5ff
  • We have an incomprehensibly glorious God – Isaiah 6
  • For God to be called “holy” doesn’t mean He’s just pure or righteous; it means He has no equal. -Platt
  • We have an indescribably urgent mission. Our God warrants reckless abandon.

Michael Oh

  • Missions is not something you are called to as much as it is what you are saved for.
  • Missions starts with obedience & a passions for the things that God is passionate about.
  • Missions – Unless someone biblically stops you, GO!!”
  • This world would be TRANSFORMED if God would give you the grace & the guts to give GENEROUSLY to global missions.
  • Lead us not into temptation’ applies to the idolatry of spiritual blessing as well.
  • Your prayers are a reflection of your Heart. The Lord’s Prayer is a reflection of Jesus’ heart.
  • The second part of the Lord’s prayer is not to just meet needs, rather to give provisions to fulfill our purpose.
  • We cannot finish the mission by ourselves, thus Jesus teaches us to pray, “Your kingdom come!”
  • Christian – you have NOTHING to envy. YOU have Jesus Christ!
  • God’s will is honored when God’s word is obeyed.
  • Only America could have invented the term, ‘Disposable Income’ – we view everything above 10% as OURS.
  • The Gospel is going FROM every land TO every land.
  • God’s people should have a holy dissatisfaction about the worshiplessness of the World!
  • My advice: Unless someone stops you, go. Consider going to the hard places.
  • What would it look like if I valued the Gospel more than my life?
  • You must wrestle with your calling; otherwise, when it gets hard, you will be tempted to walk away.
  • God is more interested in getting us to the right place than we are in obeying him.
  •  We must be ready to answer the objections against our faith
  •  We’ll never be able to answer the hard questions thrown our way if we aren’t immersed in the Word.
  •  Are we silent about the gospel because we secretly fear it isn’t true?
  •  Is it possible we are morally ashamed of God, and that’s why we don’t go?
  • Have we ordered our church life so that it’s convenient to do what *we* want?
  • Is it possible church/Christian life is for convenience so we give a bit to send others to do what we don’t want to?
  •  True #atheism cannot uphold the ‘myth’ of a purpose for mankind.
  •  Because we live in an orderly universe, we can observe when God acts (immaculate conception)
  •  Even if they mathematically showed the universe cld create itself fm/nothing, that doesn’t show God doesn’t exist
  •  Zechariah prays for a child, and is skeptical of the angel; judgment comes on him
  •  Anthony Flew couldn’t deny the statistical improbability of the universe coming about by chance
  •  When thinking about missions, why do we think about countries thousands of miles away, and not our neighbors?
  •  If outside financial consultants analyzed your church’s finances, what would they deduce is your focus?
  •  As an evangelist, you need to make theology your hobby
  •  Talk to the people in Heb 11 about being compelled by the Gospel regardless of the danger & inconvenience of the message
  •  This is what I want to die for… to lay down my life for the sake of sharing the Gospel. Ramsden
  •  Where is the commitment in the church? Where is the willingness to suffer for the sake of the Gospel? Ramsden
  •  Is it possible that if you were perfectly honest, you would say you’ve been disappointed with your Christian life so far?
  •  We will not lose a day of our life by going where/doing what God has called us. Danger is not an excuse for fear.
  •  The reason God doesn’t want us to be somewhere is not because he doesn’t want us to die. We will all die.

John Piper 

  • My prayer is that, Psalm 67 will be a calling in your life, if you do not already have a verse that you are rooted in.
  • Ps. 67:1-2 is rooted in Gen. 12:2-3, and describes the foundation of world missions
  • Abraham’s covenant was decisively fulfilled in Christ and is finally being fulfilled as the nations come to know Him.
  • God’s grand plan was to use Israel to reach ALL nations Romans 11.
  •  God’s purpose is to be known, praised, enjoyed, and feared by all the nations.
  • Known as the One and Only true and living God.
  • God doesn’t want to be known by a little clique. He wants to be known by the nations. That’s why he created them.
  • It doesn’t help the cause of truth or love to say we worship the same God as Muslims do. We do not.
  • If you don’t honor the true Son, you don’t honor God.
  • God requires nothing less than perfection. The perfection of Christ is the only remedy for the whole world.
  • The biggest problem on the planet is “Adam is my dad.” God’s remedy is for a global fall.
  • God is a God of justice. Condemnation is solely on the basis of the revelation that they’ve had. Romans 1:18
  • Gods aims to be known, praised, enjoyed and feared because of His sovereignty.
  • God aims to be known, praised, enjoyed, and feared as a gracious God.
  • The heart of the missionary message is God will save you by grace through faith in Jesus Christ his Son.
  • If the grace of God were for Israel only, there would be no reason for gladness among the nations.
  • God give his people wealth for the sake of the world’s worship. He blesses his Church w/ riches 4 the sake of reaching nations
  • God didn’t design for u to give & lose, but 4 both u and the nations to gain. He means for you 2 receive double blessing
  • I don’t mind the term missional, but we need full understanding of it. I want the young missional guys to get global mission – Piper

Nations Be Glad:

  • “And in the very place where it was said to them, ‘You are not my people,’ there they will be called ‘sons of the living God.'” Romans 9:26
  • “God prospers me not to raise my standard of living, but to raise my standard of giving” -Randy Alcorn
  • The value of money is amazing when its invested in God’s kingdom
  • Despite extreme persecution, there is still an estimated 400,000 Christians in North Korea
  • How are we to enjoy life? Every gift is to be enjoyed as from God and not like a god.
  • God cares more about how you react if you lose that property than the property itself
  • “The church that does not evangelize will fossilize.” Oswald J. Smith
  • One third of the world has ZERO witness of Jesus
  • Never blow off statistics when statistics are real people for whom Jesus died.
  • The great commission wasn’t given to a missions organization, it was given to the Church
  • A love for lost souls is a very good secondary motivation for why we go. The first is the glory of God. We go for the Lamb of God.
  • The need of the hour is for more missionaries. Not just any but the right kind.
  • Jesus heals and he uses weak people
  • The gospel is only good news if it gets there in time -Carl F.H. Henry
  • Over 3,700 people groups are unengaged
  • Let’s cut short the process of “should I go” and ask three questions: Have you seen that God? And have you felt that desperate and felt that kind of grace and did you hear God when he said whom should we send?
  • Christ is more precious than being safe from insults. – John Piper
  • God burns a portion of the Bible into you. It takes you and won’t leave you. Over time, it shapes & directs you.-Piper

David Sills:

  • The world will not be reached by people who want to save their lives or be pampered.
  • “Hearing the missionary call has a great deal to do with what you are listening for.”

David Sitton

  • Mission is not a peacetime operation.
  • When I talk about the mission being dangerous, it’s mainly dangerous for the devil.

David Harvey

  • The newly planted church would take responsibility for their region and Paul go to a new area.
  • Baptizing without teaching is birth without growth.
  • How does the church respond to the Great Commission? By planting churches.
  • Amazing: “I have many in this city who are my people.” Acts 18:10 – There weren’t any Christians there yet!

David Vanderstelt

  • You’re not living where you’re living by mistake. He wanted a priesthood there…that’s you! 1 Peter 2:9
  • Are you a worship leader? If not, you are either unregenerate or unaware of your calling. Matthew 5:16
  • Learn how to love one another as a family so when someone looks in they know what the father is like
  • This is the hardest thing you’re going to do in your life…and the best thing.
  • There is no reason to have neighbors who have never heard the gospel!

Thanks to PerspectivesWCM and NationsBeGlad among others who tweeted during the conference.

Which one impacted you the most?

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