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Buddhist friends like to tell me that Buddhism is natural (dhammachardt). The Thai word for nature comes from the word for Buddhist teaching (dhamma). So we see that the two are thought to be one and the same.

But what if there is something above nature; supernatural…orginating from the highest point of origin possible? What if our natural wisdom, knowledge, and ability to develop ourselves is not enough?

Like a man who is swimming in an ocean on his own, we all have differing abilities and limits on what we can do. Some can swim for a few minutes, some a few hours, some a few days, but in the end we will all give out without a rescuer.

Jesus comes to us at the point of our exhaustion and offers his salvation. It is the same as that rescuer offering his hand. We can choose to receive the help or not. But in the end, we will have to live with our choice.

Man can do many amazing things in this world, but ultimately, he cannot save himself.

A smart man can study the human eye and tell you all about its intricate nature, but he cannot create one of exact nature and substance.

There is a limit to man’s ability.

This ability is wisdom, knowledge, and ability above that of man. This is from God, our Almighty Creator.

Man is natural. Buddhist teaching is natural.

Yet the Creator God is supernatural and when we come into right relationship with him, we and our faith, become “above natural” as well.

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