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Before I talk missions methods and strategy with someone, I like to find out three main things about them first.

  1. Passion– What do you burn for?  What is your motivation?  What is is that causes you to put away all trivial things and seek God. I say that my motivation is two fold, “For the Glory of God” and “To Win People To Christ.”
  2. Compassion– Do your emphathize with the people group you are sent to work among.  Are they “our people” to you or “those people”?  Do you have compassion on the religious mindsets and culture they are working under or are you simply telling them “you’re wrong, no, and you can’t”  Are you simply known for what you are “for” or what you are “against”?
  3. Lifestyle– Are you currently living a lifestyle that demonstrates the two words mentioned above?  Does your lifestyle demonstrate both in quality and quantity of time that you are committed to your cause?
Once we can understand where each of us are at concerning these three key things, we can go on to discuss method and strategy.  Until then, we are putting the “cart before the horse,” so to speak.
Once we move on to method and strategy, I think we should start with one question that should drive all of our discussion, and that is:
“What will it take for this whole nation to come to Christ”?  
The answer to this key question should drive all of our discussion and focus on methodology and strategy.

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