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“Marvelous Comrades,”-ones who are true friends who fight for one another and fight through the challenges together to find hope in God in all areas of life. The essence of their friendship is loyalty, affection and belief in one another as they hope in God together. Marvelous Comrades constantly tell each other that they can succeed in life and hope in God. They validate each other’s calling by equipping one another for their fruitful expressions of love unto God in all of life.”-Bob Hartley

This what I want to be for others and have in my own life.  I want to build, not simply another ministry, but a family that lives, loves, challenges, protects, and goes to war together.  

This is not only my team on the ground here in Asia, but also my family of supporters.  We need each other.

Together we are willing to:

  • Fight for One Another
  • Face Challenges
  • Be Loyal
  • Be Affectionate
  • Believe in One Another
  • Hope and Dream in God
  • Encourage One Another
  • Validate and Affirm Frequently
  • Equip and Challenge One Another
  • Demonstrate Care in Practical Ways

This is what it means to be a “marvelous comrade”, someone who has not only bought into the overall mission and vision, but have bought into you as a person.  They are not simply celebrating your victories, but also standing by you in your losses.  They are not with you simply when you have something to offer, but because they see God is with you.  They are willing to learn more about you and what is happening in your life rather than simply talking about what is happening with them.  There is true interest, affection, validation, and demonstration of care.

Who are you called to connect with at this level?  Rather, who has God put in your life and called you to?  It is more than simply friendship, it is for God’s Kingdom purposes to suceed. 




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