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We recently hosted at team at our home in Thailand.  You can read about how we came together here. I think it’s a great story.

I wasn’t exactly sure what kind of things would happen once we all got together.  Each person had different giftings and reasons for being together, but in the end, it all worked together beautifully.

During our ministry, we became known as the “revival team” because of the supernatural ministry that took place after each time we spoke.  This wasn’t something we had planned, but it was simply a result of us being together and God’s Spirit moving in and through us to touch others.  To God be the Glory.

Our first couple of days were spent helping some of the team get oriented to the city.  I rented a motorbike for our friend Brandon and showed him how I normally travel in our city.  We rode up the mountain and I showed him the city from a high lookout point before heading up to the famous Doi Suteep temple.

While here we prayed together for Thailand and watched the people kneel before the Buddha images, make offerings, and circumvent the golden stupa.  It is always an eye opening experience for those who have never visited a temple before.  

The next day we took part of the team on a small boat down the Ping River and visited a mock hill tribe village half way through.  It was a fun time of getting to know each other better and see the city from a different view.

Ping River Outside of U.S. Consulate

After we returned we spent more time in a different temple getting to know and understand how it is a central part of every Thai community.  There are over 31,000 temples or “wats” spread throughout Thailand.

While inside of the temple, we taught the team how to quietly and respectfully pray for the city and the Thai people. This is also a very surreal experience for anyone who is taught to be afraid of the temple and monks.  But this is Thailand and this is a part of better understanding so that prayer is more effective.  It becomes infused with more of a burden for the people and what they face.

Our first outreach together was with a local Thai church who wanted to do an outdoor outreach to some tribal people working in the city.  They set up the area and music and we plugged into their plan.  Our messages were translated from English, to Thai, to a tribal dialect.  Two team members shared and my ministry partner Ben got up to share a message in Thai that started at Creation and led people “from fear to faith.”  This is our main focus when we share the Gospel with people here because most of them are animists rather than true Buddhists.

After the message we took time to walk through the crowd and pray for people.  We called for the translator to come and help us share with an elderly man who was standing around looking lost.  He prayed with Ben to receive Jesus.  Other team members were also praying earnestly for people and God seemed to be moving in their lives as well.

We then asked the translator if she needed pray for anything.  She had been having alot of pain in her arm, so we prayed and laid hands on her.  After the prayer she said she immediately felt the pain leave!  She excitedly went to the microphone to announce what happened and then others began to come to us for prayer for pain that they had in their bodies.

Translator in Dark Blue Shirt w/ Two Other Women Who Were Healed, Now Praying for the 4th.

This time, we had the translator turn and pray for the next person with us.  She was instantly healed too.  Then we had them both turn around lay hands and pray for the next person.  This kept happening and five people total were all instantly healed and rejoicing in our great God!  After this, I felt like we should encourage the Pastor who had invited us to consider making the translator the leader and care taker of this new group.

My partner told the Pastor that God was calling him to be a releaser of other leaders and encouraged him.  We told him that we felt like this woman, who was already living among these people and ministering, should lead the group there rather than trying to extract them to the Church service on Sunday.  The Pastor agreed and now and we received report that the group is now meeting on its own under the care of this Pastor and his new leader, the former translator!

Since she is a woman, we believe that this would have never happened unless we spoke up and shared the potential we saw.  She would have probably never volunteered because of a lack of confidence and the Pastor would have probably never had the idea to recruit her for the job until he began to see himself more as a releaser of ministry rather than one who does everything himself.

This is a part of our ministry here in Thailand.  We want to be here to support local leaders whenever and wherever we can.  But more than that, we are here to work with them by helping them identify new leaders, multiply their influence, equip the people for ministry, and empower them to do what they thought they couldn’t do before.  This is part of our five part “E” strategy.

Have you been thinking of taking a missions trip to Thailand?  What do you think it will look like for you?  What do you want to accomplish while you are here?



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