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Relational breakdown is one of the key factors that causes missionary teams to dissolve and workers to leave the field prematurely.  Most of the problems could probably have been avoided with a little more communication and understanding worked out up front.

This sample covenant was developed by a missionary trainer who worked over 50 years in missions teams and communities.  Feel free to use it and adapt it to your culture.

Our Covenant

As God’s children, relying on His life within us we,  _____________________________________, in light of our shared vision to serve God and our desire to glorify Him, commit ourselves to love one another and to:

accept one another as Christ accepts us.

seek to build one another up in Christ.

care for one another’s practical needs.

be vulnerable with one another, expressing our true needs and doubts, knowing that prayer and acceptance will accompany us.

graciously speak the truth to each other and hear the truth from one another in a spirit of love.

avoid gossip and slander, and to keep one another from doing so.

keep short accounts with one another, being quick to forgive, so that grudges might not develop.

bear with one another when we find ourselves being impatient with each other.

refuse to compare ourselves with each other.

seek the highest degree of consensus possible on major decisions.

work together in spite of differences of opinion and expectations, while having freedom to discuss them.

make an effort to understand and respect each other’s point of view.

avoid judging each other.

seek the Lord’s direction together in prayer when we disagree.

be accountable to each other to fulfill this covenant.


Signed this day of __________________ at _____________________.




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