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I was traveling on my motorbike today checking out a new village area and thought to myself, “I really like this area. It feels so peaceful and nice.” I felt an overall sense of peace.  Shortly after, I saw a sign for a Bible school , then a large Christian Church compound, then a Christian cemetery. Uncommon feeling in Thailand for me and uncommon sites.

Coincidence?…I think not!

Spiritual “atmospheres” are real.

Other times I have gone into “places of worship” and felt sick to my stomach or like something is constricting around me trying to squeeze life out of me.  Once I took a visiting young American team for a prayer walk.  As we got close to a large “spirit house”, a couple of the girls felt light headed and nauseous.  Others were totally fine and able to pray with me against the spirit’s influence.

I think some people are more sensitive than others when it comes to discerning these types of things.

I have often wondered that since I have lived in Thailand for two years already if I have gotten used to the spiritual climate pressure for the most part and have adapted to better live and thrive in it.

Many times, it is not until we are in a new lighter spiritual climate when we really see how much more free we feel.  I remember entering into worship at my church on my first trip back to America.  Tears fell easily and freely.  I felt so much more freedom inside and I realized that my last year in country was harder on me than I realized.

I believe devils love to “let sleeping dogs lie.”  

If people are at peace in the midst of darkness then he is more than content to leave them there and not disturb them.  It is when we are pushing to make advances for the Kingdom of God and do the work of Jesus which was and is to “destroy the works of the devil” then we will face spiritual opposition and resistance.

We will have times of feeling the “heaviness” or the “resistance” as we live among a people who “worship and serve the created thing rather than the Creator.”

Yet through all of these things, we are MORE THAN conquerors through Jesus!

When I am riding my motorbike on a hot summer day, sweat pouring down my back, I like to ascend the Doi Suteep mountain when I am nearby.  There I find a much cooler climate and much less air pollution.  It is a refreshing change.  In the same way, most of my time is spent in spiritually hot and polluted climates, but I love it when I hit a pocket of fresh, clean, cool air.

I think to myself, “Oh, that the whole nation could spiritually be like this”…clean, fresh, and cool to the Glory of God!  

With God all things are possible!


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